#113) D.I.Y. Story 2 “The Train”

I did this once before. Let’s do it again. We’ll talk through the details, and you write your own tale.

First, some background. Trains are sexy; I loved the Hogwarts Express in the “Harry Potter” books and movies! The scene where Harry and Ron become friends on the train is one of the most lovely, most evocative scenes for me. Now it’s your turn to make something, lovely, evocative…

“Setting” is both time and place. The place is the train, but where is it at, leaving from and going to? Let’s say traversing all of the United Kingdom, from Glasgow to London. If the time is eighty years ago or so, the train has compartments and a sleeper car, not just passenger seats, so let’s make it back then. A more formal, yet romantic time, in keeping with the featured drawing.

“Characters” – let’s make them strangers, it’s a more lucrative choice. A man and a woman. He’s in the compartment first, she has to ask to join him. He uses this advantage to talk to her, exchange background stories. He takes it further, flirts with her. The ticket-taker checks their stubs; they won’t be bothered further by anyone. He has a flask of alcohol, she accepts his offer of a sip. It’s stronger than she’s used to, she gets tipsy. He kisses her, she doesn’t rebuff him, but is quite direct.

“If you’re hoping to seduce me, you’ll have to do better than that…” she taunts. He makes the bold overture of kissing her neck, even licking the beginning of her decolletage. She throws her head back, welcomes his advances. Then she intimates in a whisper, “You’re getting warmer, but kissing my breasts won’t bring me to a boil, as you desire…” The man is at a loss. She is clearly a lady of considerable breeding and class, what should he do to turn her on, but that won’t repel her by being crass? He looks her in the eye, she returns his gaze. She states directly, “Kiss my ass.” It is both an insult and an invitation in one. She thinks she is better than he is, but is clearly attracted, nonetheless.

He returns evenly, their faces mere inches from each other, “Bare it, and I gladly shall.”

She smirks. There is the rustle of many petticoats. Suddenly she’s lying across the seat of the compartment, her skirts up around her waist. There are no knickers to have to remove. He is confronted with a magnificent set of cheeks, full and lush, porcelain white and unblemished. He makes good on his promise, leans down and plants a kiss on her buttocks, down low, close to where bum meets thigh, directly on the crack. She is soft, fragrant, alluring. But her words are still taunting.

“I’m used to kisses with more… gravitas… meaning… Kiss me hard, with your palm.”

Finally, he catches on, spanks her until she catches on fire.

In the movies, this is where the train enters a dark tunnel…

Finish this story, or start another of your very own. Just tell me how it cums out, please.

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