#115) If Only…

I find you so hot. Words fail me. You are my kryptonite. My knees are weak. You make me want to reach down into my panties to touch myself. If only I was wearing any.

7 responses to “#115) If Only…”

    • As I’ve been open about sharing, IF I could do so safely, I’d love to find a female switch who found me as fascinating as I found her, so that I could explore that side of my sexuality. I’d like to Top and be Topped by a female lover. We’ll see where life takes me…

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      • I’m not familiar to this lifestyle, would you mind telling me what “female switch” and “Top and be Topped by a female lover” means? I find this so intriguing (turn on).


  1. Jim & Nora and the rest of the world. I need to find a lass near to me, in the same city. No long distance affairs for me. Jim, I want to find someone who I really like who wants me to spank her hard and fuck her harder, and then is equally adept at spanking and fucking me. Did that clarify matters? I am NOT blogging for this; as I said early on here, that’s something that should be organic, face-to-face… Thank you for your good wishes, my dear Nora!

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