#118) Today and…

It’s icky weather outside (as it is in much of the U.S.), so I thought I’d just stay in my pajamas, and stay indoors, and write, and pleasure myself all day and late into the night. (Don’t forget to turn clocks ahead for Daylight Savings Time!)

I’m wearing a pair of flannel pj’s. I like them when it’s cold outside. I wish I had a pair of drop-seat pj’s! But only if the seat really dropped, some I’ve seen only give access to the bum, and I’d need the crotch to be available, too. Because we all know that, as night follows the day, sex follows spanking.

Love this model, love her smile and the shade of her bottom!

3 responses to “#118) Today and…”

  1. The weather here is ok, but it’s getting cold. A nice day to stay inside and keep warm (and get up to some kinky fun). Love those type of pjs! Easy access for various types of activity! 😁

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  2. “Because we all know that, as night follows the day, sex follows spanking.”

    A 1,000% true. And I knew that was true when I first started noticing girls. If it wasn’t – I wouldn’t do it. For what…?


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