#119) The Bridge – mild content

Jay and Julie decided to go camping, hoping that getting out of the city for a weekend would help them escape some of the pressures they were feeling. For a while, they had both wondered if their partner was “the one,” if marriage was a possibility. But recently it seemed like all they did was fight and find fault.
Julie and I had been roommates for about half a year. I won’t lie to you, Julie is super cute, and being bi-curious, I was attracted to her. Being who I am, I was upfront and brought up my strong attraction one evening over dinner about a week ago, just to have it out in the open.
“Umm… I feel flattered, Jeanie, but I don’t think my hinges swing that way,” she smiled. “I think I’m strictly-dickly, even though I wish I could express myself… that way! We get along so much better than Jay and I do! Will it work to…just have a flirtatious, sexually-charged friendship?”
She was sending mixed signals, lots of hemming and hawing, lots of qualifiers in her words, while her eyes looked into mine longingly. But I didn’t call her on these things, I thought I’d give her time to let the overture percolate in her mind. “We’ll make it work,” I replied with chipper sincerity then added sympathetically, “I’m sorry that you and Jay are going through a rough patch…”
The night before their planned departure, Jay dropped by our apartment. True to form, they were bickering within an hour of his arrival. I couldn’t help but overhear them; so much of the problem was that they talked past one another, didn’t really communicate.
“Maybe we should cancel our camping trip,” Jay fumed.
I saw the stricken look on Julie’s face.
“Don’t do that,” I counseled. “It’s a chance for you to start fresh in a pristine environment…” Julie looked hopeful, so I continued, “I hear you guys. You just need to be open, say what you’re feeling, but try to do it in a way that the other person can hear what you’re saying.”
“Seems so easy when you say it that way,” Jay commented.
“Maybe if you came with us… helped us during the trip, like you just did… point out miscommunications or things when we need it…?” Julie tentatively offered.
“Yeah, will you?” Jay asked.
I didn’t have any plans. Camping sounded wonderful. I wanted to help these two. “Do you have enough food and water and…?” I asked.
“More than enough!” they said in unison. If only they were in agreement on more topics, I thought.
“Okay, I insist on bringing my own tent and sleeping separate from you guys. That’s a part of why you should be going, to work on you, okay?”
They nodded. Honestly, I didn’t feel confident about these two, but agreed, and rushed to start packing for the trip. I also felt an ulterior motive; I wanted to taste the forbidden fruit.
Bright and early the next morning we took off in Jay’s car. Within half an hour, they were missing each other’s salient perspectives. I pointed this out, that Jay had a good idea, but that Julie needed validation because she was expressing her vulnerability. Both of them nodded.
“Gee, it seems so clear-cut when you make it explicit,” Jay said.
“I agree!” Julie added.
We were off to a good start.
Setting up camp offered other challenges, and the couple always seemed to have opposing ideas on how to do so many things in organizing our lifestyle for the next several days. I simply pointed this out and asked for compromise, which they both seemed to easily find. We all worked together in erecting tents, collecting firewood, starting a roaring blaze, cooking an excellent rustic dinner.
It was breathtaking and placid watching the sun set, hearing the many birds chatter, then everything get quiet. We adjourned to our separate tents, my little pup tent and their palatial dome. There was the sound of all of us rustling out of our clothes and into sleeping bags. Again it became quiet. I was about to drift off when I heard the unmistakable moan of a girl having her pussy eaten. I tried not to listen, but it all just sounded too juicy, Julie’s plaintive little cries, Jay’s masculine grunts. I heard her sigh, he must have mounted her. Unable to help myself and unwilling not to, I slipped both arms into my sleeping bag, and let each hand find its respective orifice. I frigged my clit with my right and violated my tight anus with my left. I think I was fairly quiet, unlike my next-door neighbors, who finished at a resounding crescendo.
At dawn, we all found ourselves at the nearby stream washing up.
“Sleep okay?” we asked each other and all nodded in the affirmative.
I couldn’t help but notice how hard Julie’s nipples were in the cool air, how round and delicious her apple of an ass was in her short-shorts. Jay noticed too, and got a stiffy. If they’d been alone, they probably would’ve postponed breakfast, maybe done it right there stream-side. As it was, we let the energy and tension fuel us to rekindling the actual fire, and cooking another sumptuous meal. Then we got dressed for a nature hike, laughing that we looked like triplets, wearing plaid flannel shirts, blue jeans, and boots. I had a bandana around my hair, they both wore baseball caps.
As we walked and drank-in the incredible sights, we talked. About everything. Of course, sex came up, not last night’s recreation, but generalities.
“I didn’t realize that you were a spanko, too!” Jay said too loudly when he found out.
“How do you think we became friends? We talked about mutual interests. That’s a big one for both of us,” Julie told him.
I just blushed and nodded, looking at the trail. But they weren’t arguing! Fortunately, we didn’t see another human being all morning, just flora and fauna.
Then the foliage seemed to open up, a long suspension bridge stretched out before us, as the woods disappeared down a steep ravine. A river rushed by far below the bridge. It was awesome; it was scary as fuck.
Julie’s face brightened, “Look at that! This is going to be so fun!”
I’m not a huge fan of heights, I know my face registered apprehension.
Jay looked horror-stricken. When he could choke out the words, he said, “I can’t do it. It’s too much! Far too long, too damned high! Let’s go back.”
“We’re only half way through the morning, come on, we have to give it a try,” Julie countered.
Again, they were at opposite extremes. I didn’t see a compromise. I wracked my brain for a happy resolve. I took the backpack containing our lunch (which we’d alternately been lugging), and put my arms through the straps.
“I’ve got an idea, nothing motivates a man like sex,” I whispered to Julie. “Follow my lead, I want to toy with his mind, start across the bridge…”
Julie struck out across it like an intrepid explorer. I followed her, holding onto the handholds for dear life, and about five strides away, turned back over my shoulder to say to Jay, “When we get half way across, I’m going to take Julie’s jeans down and spank her ass mercilessly. She’s counting on you to save her…”
Julie smiled back at me over her shoulder, and confided, “You are terrible! You’re going to have your way with me as a pretext for convincing Jay to overcome his fear… I love it!” And she wriggled her cute ass at me as she continued on her way across the now-swaying slender strand bridging the deep crevasse.
Again I called back over my should, “Jay, I mean it. Unless you come save her, Julie is going to be bared and spanked in front of God and nature and everybody…!”
“Save me, Jay!” Julie said with a straight face but a chortle in her voice, as she started unbuckling her belt. She didn’t resist in the least, indeed she assisted me, which was a good thing because I was a little scared way out there like a circus performer in some high-wire act. Down came Julie’s jeans, right down to around her ankles. I reached out (as I’d desperately wanted to do at dawn) and caressed Julie’s curved tush, then yanked her panties down to join her jeans. “Help me!” Julie called.
The slaps I administered to her ass resounded down the open cavern, making them sound much more severe than they really were. But I did administer a lot of them, punctuating the paddling with kissing Julie’s smiling lips, baring my naughty bits and jilling-off, giggling, and frolicking. It was so intense, way out there swinging in the wind. It was as sexy as could be, having the object of my affection bared, bent over, encouraging me to Top her. I gave her another hard swat. Her ass looked so seductive, jiggling in the fresh morning air, getting redder all the time. I got my tits out so I could pinch my raisin-hard nipples. Julie mirrored me and got her bounteous boobies out and fondled them, too. It was too much fun for Jay to miss. Tentatively, he took a step out onto the bridge.
“Help me, lover!” Julie called, “she’s merciless! Hurry!”
“Julie’s more than I can handle,” I called out to Jay, “come help me ravish her…”
Faster than I would have believed, Jay joined us. He was a man on a mission. Wordlessly, he took his impressive erection out and plunged it into the wet sex of his lover. I continued to kiss Julie, pressing our boobies together, the bridge now swaying wildly. We climaxed in unison with lots of outcries and writhing and smiles. Amazingly, it didn’t seem like there was anyone else in the whole campground. When we were able to function, we pulled our clothing back into place, and silently walked the rest of the way across the bridge and on along the trail. Julie took my hand, silently signaling that she’d enjoyed our mid-air tryst as much as I did.
About noon or a bit later, we stopped and set up a mini-camp for lunch. Only then did we speak.
Julie started by saying, “It seems to me that Jeanie has been a bridge in our relationship, Jay. If she hadn’t been here, we wouldn’t have made it across that bridge back there…”
“Hell, we probably wouldn’t have even made the trip in the first place!” Jay added.
“The sex we had on the bridge was… mind-blowing!” she gushed.
“Fucking phenomenal!” he added.
“What do you think about opening our relationship up to include Jeanie? Maybe give a threesome a trial run in all our sex out here in the wild, then consider it for back home, too, when we get there…”
I mumbled the words on my mind, “We can cross that bridge when we come to it…”
Inside his jeans, I noticed Jay’s little head nod in the affirmative. His big head was pondering. I took the opportunity to interject.
“Julie knows my feelings, that I’m attracted to her. But I’m no panacea, I’m no miracle cure for your relationship problems… I can’t deny that I loved what we shared back there. I think our mutual attraction might provide some new energy, but the problems will remain unless we address them. We ought to go in with eyes wide open, recognizing that reality. Let’s not make any decisions now, just think about it…”
They both nodded. We finished eating, packed up, returned to the trail in reverse. This time we crossed the bridge together, encouraging each other, with our clothes in place and hands on the rails. It wasn’t an awkward silence, more like three people on the same page, enjoying one another’s company, silently taking in the beauty that surrounded us.
Back at our camp, I instigated the conversation.
“I’ve been thinking. Jay, you might not know this, but I’ve been attracted to Julie for as long as I’ve known her.” Julie blushed at this, looked away. “I came on to her about a week ago, she turned me down, wanting to be faithful to you.” Julie didn’t expect this spin, and her eyes returned to mine. Jay seemed rapt the entire time. “It was probably wrong of me to introduce sex and spanking into the equation when I did back there at the bridge. What can I say? I’m an opportunist. If you think that I was as wrong as I do, and you want to punish me for it…” I unbuckled my jeans and let them drop to my hiking boots to punctuate my speech, “I’m open to that…” My pussy was at their eye level, protruding through the thin fabric of my panties. There was a stunned silence.
Julie took the initiative. “I’ll spank that deserving ass!” she said, reached out and grabbed me by the wrist, pulled me over her lap as she sat on a log next to her boyfriend. I’d never been spanked in front of a witness before, it added another dimension. Julie didn’t hold back, she evened the score for me baring and spanking her on the bridge, she asserted her dominance of me in front of Jay, she seemed really into it. She yanked my flimsy panties down and gave my round butt a super sound thrashing. It really got to me.
“I’m gonna cum! …Is that okay?”
“Yeah,” Jay answered.
“I guess,” Julie responded
I ground my pussy into Julie’s thigh as she continued to slap my bottom, but had the presence of mind to say, “It’s gonna get more complex from here… Are there any ground rules…?”
“Yes!” Julie spoke up. “At least for the time being, Jay can only fuck me. We can do anything else, but my vag is the only one that gets fucked by his cock; agreed?”
No one voiced any objections, I started to voice my pleasure as the first of many orgasms swept over me, we were off and running. It didn’t feel like a three-way on the bridge. That felt like me seducing Julie and them fucking. THIS seemed like a legitimate threesome. Julie apparently was just repressed and holding back in our previous conversation because she was avid about licking my throbbing pussy now. Jay fucked her pussy hard and long.
That’s pretty much all we did the rest of the weekend, that and eat quickly and catch a little sleep. From how it appeared, I’m guessing that my presence revitalized their already good sex life into something really remarkable. I especially liked getting spanked by Jay; there’s something about a man’s large hand that’s special. Maybe I was a bridge to greater pleasure for them in this arena. I know I was a bridge in their communication skills. As long as I live, I’ll remember visions of spanking Julie swinging in mid-air on that suspension bridge in the wilderness.

5 responses to “#119) The Bridge – mild content”

  1. WordPress, the designer of this platform, sends me lots of emails. One of them this past week was this story prompt, just the photo and title. I’ve spent the past several days composing my take on it. I like this kind of exercise, it strengthens me. Hope you enjoy…

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  2. An excellent story ! I could not put it down until I read through the second time. Julie’s bottom seemed somehow to be the attraction that culminated in the joining of three people.Maybe it just seemed that way because of my obsession with spanking female bottoms. Thank you for this post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, Paddlefan, I felt it was the spanking obsession, her bottom in particular, claiming her as his, overcoming his fear of heights that motivated that plot turn. I’m glad you liked it; thank you!


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