#120) Sneaking In a Public Rub – mild content, strong language

An internal monologue Janey had on Saturday morning at 9:45:
“Fucking hell, my butt still throbs! Goddamned Jamie, I ought to kick him to the curb! Where the hell does he get off giving me a maintenance spanking first thing this morning? I’d never even heard of a maintenance spanking until this morning! I didn’t do anything wrong and I still got a painful paddling! Fuck, it throbs! With that damned hairbrush! Jamie doesn’t fuck around, he really gave it to me! Here I am in the Target store a half hour later and I could easily break down into tears, my ass hurts so fucking much! I feel like my poor butt has a big target on it, like everybody knows that it’s throbbing. And how dare he deny me sex after his damned maintenance paddling? He said that was a part of the deal, for me to feel properly remorseful for all the transgressions I’d gotten away with, that were unpunished until I got the damned maintenance spanking!”
Out loud at 9:50:
“Excuse me, information-clerk, where is the store’s girls restroom? Okay, thank you!”
Back to the internal, one-sided one:
“I’ve got to get these tight jeans off and let my poor bum rest for a few minutes. At least their restroom is clean! I’ll have to mention that to that information-clerk on my way out. Whew, that cool toilet-seat feels divine! If the bathroom remains unoccupied when I get out of this stall, I’ll try to grab a quick glance at my bum in the mirror. I bet it’s red as hell, maybe even blistered! Just as I suspected, even though my butt is in agony, my pussy is wet and hungry for a fuck; maybe my pussy is so hot because my butt is so hot… Anyway, Jamie did look fucking gorgeous when he waved that hairbrush in my face before turning me over his knee. That’s it, remember his rugged good looks, that merciless right hand, how much he loves to lecture… that’s it, you’re close… fuck, you’re gonna cum, Janey-girl! If you’re going to jill-off in a public restroom, you might as well make it memorable… Yes! Here we go…!”
An articulated outburst from Janey at 10:05 A.M.:
“Fuck! Yes! God, that’s good!”

8 responses to “#120) Sneaking In a Public Rub – mild content, strong language”

  1. From “Where’s the ladies room?” to to “Fuck! Yes! God, that’s good!”* in all of 15-minutes.

    Pretty quick. Guys get shit if they fail the warm-up.

    * God: “You’re welcome!”

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    • Umm, yummy! Take that further, Christian_who. You come in, she’s been so preoccupied that she didn’t lock the stall door. It swings open. There she is with thighs spread and pussy exposed. She’s just climaxed once and is on the brink of another, bigger one. She’s unhappy with her boyfriend because of that unearned maintenance spanking. She looks up, startled, your eyes meet. She likes the looks of you, both your face, and all she sees as her eyes trail down your body…

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      • It is very beautiful. I see how her gaze examines my body. I want to touch her. I want to kiss her maltreated red ass. I kneel on the floor in front of her. I turn her around. Very gently I kiss her red hot spot. Then I pull my small, peeled ginger root out of my pocket. You like it warm, I ask. Jean Marie nods and swallows. Very gently I insert the ginger stick into her anus. Then I turn her again. I would like to fuck you full tenderness, I say.


  2. I’m giggling because the story changed from some un-named girl into ME! If it was me, I’d say, “Before you insert that ginger root, get out your car keys and peel it fresh. The juiciness is important. I don’t like it just warm, I need it hot.”


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