#127) Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Aye, look at all the bonny lasses in this splendid photograph, would you, please? They’re not fashion models like you see in so many photos. Those girls are so pretty facially, they’re intimidating. They have large, often fake, breasts, giving them balconies you could do Shakespearean soliloquies from, or quote poetry by Robbie Burns. These lasses are naturals, real Irish girls. These girls are pretty in a girl-next-door way. Look at their smiles; these are farmgirls, who have known about sexual matters their whole lives long, who were the ones to shyly initiate kisses when they were young, who did the same with other sexual matters before they’d passed out of the fourth form in school. They have comfortable bodies, bodies that have been lived-in. Notice, please, how they’re comfortable in their nudity, but dressed for practicality, wearing only mucking boots because it’s a marshy bog where the photographer decided to shoot.
It’s not an old wives’ tale that St. Patrick rid Ireland of all snakes. Look around, not a single male in sight. These lovely nine lasses prefer pussies to adders. These are all daughters of Sappho. The only thing that’s preventing them from coupling-up is a joke that the female photographer just made. She said that, with such wicked smiles on display and such wicked thoughts obviously on everybody’s minds, the nine ought to line up and bend over the fence for a right proper hiding. Without further ado, they all turned arse over tea kettle, ready for whatever came next. They’re showing their lovely bums proudly, hoping you’ll take a switch to each one in turn. Who do you start with first? There’s the ample-arsed lass on the extreme left end, or the rather skinny one, also blond, at the right end. Do you systematically work your way down the row in order, or bounce around, just like their bottoms. There are three or four slender lasses, three or so more buxom ones. None are what I would call heavy-set; these are athletic girls, with lots of stamina. They happen to also all be girls with a hearty appetite for that switch you brandish. They’ve gone through school together, seen one another brought to the front of the class for a hiding when needed. It’s not the first time they’ve all been lined up together to get it. So, realize, please, that you’re going to have your hands full when each of them have received their stripes, the caning will only awaken proclivities. I expect thorough tongue-lashings to follow the lash of that switch.
To fit in, you utter, “Erin go Bragh,” as you smack that switch against your leg in anticipation of what’s to come. The bonny blond lass on the left end of the line giggles audibly. It seems that her first name is Erin. The decision ‘s been made as to where to start with the switch. She bends over the top rail of the fence provocatively. You approach the beguiling behind. Others crane their necks or step out of line, so as to be able to watch as well as listen. Hands gravitate to their pussies…

2 responses to “#127) Happy St. Patty’s Day!”

  1. If you’re looking for something to do this Saint Patrick’s Day, I can highly recommend the Oscar nominated movie, “Belfast,” to stream. It is a love letter by director/writer Kenneth Branagh about the “troubles” in his home city in the 1960’s. Do you see the flag in the photo; its colors of green and orange represent the Catholic and Protestant faiths, separated by the white for peace. The movie is poignant and lovely!

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  2. Being an American of Irish descent and having visited the Emerald Isle more than a few times I can attest to the many lovely lilting lasses upon the auld sod that are so in need (and desire) regular spankings ✋🏻🍑🍀…As to the photo Now THAT is what we in my Military days would call a “target rich environment”. Such a beautiful bevy of naughty lasses just waiting for a firm hand, my only wish this St Patrick’s Day was that I was there to provide just that. I have yet to see Belfast but look forward to watching it.

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