#128) Positioned for Punishment

My eyes are on the carpet.
and his are on my butt.
He’s sitting on his couch,
and I’m draped across his lap.
He is fully dressed,
and I’m nearly naked.
But I assure you that we are of exactly the same mind;
I’ve been bad and am about to answer for all my wrongs,
and his large, hard hand is the perfect implement for the task.

7 responses to “#128) Positioned for Punishment”

  1. I obviously wrote this first, then found the photo to feature; it doesn’t quite match. But that’s okay by me because I am totally enamored by the lovely bottom, the gorgeous blush in those cheeks (along with her silken hair, perfect complexion, great posture…) of the beguiling dark spankee.

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  2. The spanker and spankee in sync… two sides of the same coin, that compliment one another perfectly. When you find this perfect fit with someone, who is the spanker to your spankee…much naughty fun will be had! XOXO

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  3. Nice! I was introduced to your blog by naughty Nora (and those who follow her all know she sweetly IS indeed naughty). I am glad for the discovery and have come to enjoy your blog and the many musing / amusing postings young lady. As to the photo and comments, I can hear the sighs as my hand connects with her lovely deserving bottom…she might protest and make noise but we BOTH know she needs and enjoys being right where she is and what is to come

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