#131) Bordering on Worship

Central to everything in this blog is the female derriere in general, and sometimes mine in particular. I’ve tried, over the years, to write a poem worthy of the beauty of this topic, and always ended up feeling like a failure. As a writer, I strive to capture the truth about a subject, whether in the format of a short story, poem, or essay, but when it comes to trying to address the essence of any pair of toned, magnificent buttocks, I feel as though I am lacking. Maybe that’s because of my reverence for this portion of the anatomy, bordering on worship.

2 responses to “#131) Bordering on Worship”

    • Well said, jimh01! The great masters of old lived in prudish times, or I think the derriere would have figured more prominently as their models. We can change that, fill modern art museums with bottom portraits!


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