#132) Worship 2

I don’t know how well known this book is. I think it ought to be in every library of erotica. It’s one of my favorites. Toni Bentley wrote her memoir, entitled it The Surrender. I cannot do it justice by summarizing it, so will not even try. Let me just paint a picture in broad strokes, her first chapter is entitled “The Holy Fuck,” and her first line in that chapter are the words, “His was first. In my ass.”
As a front-piece, she has a quote by Claudia Roth Pierpont, “Virginia Woolf believed that no woman had succeeded in writing the truth of the experience of her own body – that women and language both would have to change considerably before anything like that could happen.”

2 responses to “#132) Worship 2”

    • Jimh01, I struggle with what gets lost in translation between experience and words that capture the intangibles. I love trying, always feel like I fall short…


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