#133) Who or What Is Being Trained?

As I have not been shy about documenting here, I don’t have big tits. I’ve reconciled myself to this reality. I’m pleased that they are pert, upstanding little puppies that look about the same as when they first grew, and will probably look the same when I’m fifty years old. This fact didn’t reprieve me from wearing a training bra when they first appeared. Given that they haven’t changed much for decades, I now wonder what the training bra was for. Was it training me to get used to how to fasten/unfasten the clip on the back strap? That’s all it did; it certainly didn’t train my titties to need heavier-duty support, to balloon into bodacious ta-ta’s.
As I’ve also documented, I’m blessed with a round, well-padded bottom. The correct term is callipygous. It’s a behind that sticks out behind me like a shelf. I’ve got a big butt and I cannot lie. Some women have flat fannies. Why don’t they have to wear training panties? These would be panties that support and lift the buttocks. The cutie pictured doesn’t seem to need help in this regard, her butt looks quite attractive. But the underwear she’s sporting is the idea of what I’m talking about. Just like an actual ad for a brand of bra, this garment would “lift and separate.”
Once again, I think our culture is subliminally telling us that big breasts equate with femininity, whereas big butts do not. I don’t agree! I named this blog “Butt Stuff” for a reason, to promote the female bottom. Maybe we need to start a protest movement, “FREE the FANNY!” would be our rallying cry. There used to be a practice called “mooning” where men would drop their trousers to show their disrespect for someone else. I never heard of a woman doing this, but maybe we need to start as a way of promoting the posterior.

2 responses to “#133) Who or What Is Being Trained?”

    • No, jimh01, I think it ought to be an overt act, a protest, from clothed to disrobed, from modest to lewd. In my mind’s eye, it’s not a flash or as state of being. It is a flagrant act, baring ones’ bottom and waggling it about! Just my opinion.


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