#135) Revisiting That Thing We Do for the Billionth Time

Sometimes it takes me by surprise when I think about it. I wonder if it does for you, too. It is hardwired into my very essence to love being spanked. Something that throughout our long history as humans has been a means of controlling and instructing children, to put them over a knee, and bare their buttocks, and strike those buttocks. To cause pain and humiliation. For whatever unknown reason, I (and a large number of others) have fetishized this. It hurts to be spanked; I hate it when it’s happening! But the before and after moments are mind-blowingly incredible, they fuel my entire sexuality. Those moments fuel many other souls, as well, as TTWD, either at the Dominant or as the submissive partner. Sometimes it seems so silly, to be put in that ignominious position, teetering there, in limbo. But, at the same time, ones’ pubis is placed in direct contact with the knee area one has been turned-over, and the buttocks become the focal point, as they are in our sexuality.

Do other people have these recurring thoughts?

6 responses to “#135) Revisiting That Thing We Do for the Billionth Time”

  1. I am one of the Dominant people who get to feel and see a bare and vulnerable female bottom across my lap. I get to feel authority and dominance as I thoroughly spank her.
    So yes I have those thoughts often. A great post. Thank you!
    I LOVE that pic!

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  2. As a big D type giving a spanking is a intrinsic part of who I am. It exists at the core of who I am. I have talked about the hierarchy of kinks and that spanking/impact play is at the top of that list. Now I will say there was a time (many years ago) early on that there was some shame and guilt that I carried with me in regards to liking giving someone a spanking. After talking to a sub/masochist at a munch she helped me work through that. Since I have more than embraced that side of myself and nurture it.

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