#143) I Want a Man Who Will Make Me Think – GRAPHIC CONTENT

For those of you who have bothered to read my profile, you’ll know that I’m taking a break from men at present. This is not permanent, just a hiatus; I love dick too much to give it up completely.
When I do get around to dating (meaning fucking) men again, I want to find one who will make me think. I’m not talking about some intelligence contest here. I simply need a man who will make me think the following questions through, “Will I ever be able to sit comfortably again?” “Is he ever gonna stop thrashing my poor ass?” I’ll explain more about this in a second, but to do so clearly, first let me take an enlightening tangent.
Do you remember when you were in college and you got so stoned that you actually had the thought, “Will I ever come down from this high?” THAT’S what I’m talking about here! I want a man who is a maniac about all things Ass. I want a man who will punish my deserving derriere so hard, and I’m talking about both beating my cheekiness and fucking my tenderest/tightest orifice, that I’ll fear he’ll never stop, I’ll never be able to sit comfortably afterward. I want to have to worry that I’ve lost the ability to seductively walk like a lady, full of wriggles and jiggles, and must forever more walk like a common slut who has taken up roughly up the ass a few too many times. I want my white butt to be beaten black and blue, whipped until I cry, thrashed until I can’t cry anymore. I’ve had glimmers of this in my past. I want it again, but in spades. The morning after the memorable night before, I’ve laid in bed thinking, “Is it worth trying to rest my red, sore, throbbing tushy on that cool, white, implacable toilet-seat, knowing it’ll make me gasp, wince, maybe whimper. Or can I hold my pee a while longer. Or should I get used to giving my upper thighs a work-out by hovering over the commode to do my business. Similarly, when I need to take that ladylike dump, and my asshole has been used hard, fucked long and deep into the night, so that it’s more like a burning ember, like something from the fireplace, rather than a delicate valve in my body, I want to have to debate whether it’s worth the pain to pinch off a pooper.
Before you think that I’ve gone off the deep end and lost my submissive mind, consider a poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay,
“I burn the candle at both ends,
It will not last the night.
But oh my foes and all my friends,
It gives a lovely light.”
I’ve always thought of myself as a thoroughbred filly. I’m well-bred and well-trained, at the peak of my athletic prowess now and promising to mature into something men would like to breed. I want to be mounted, ridden hard into a lather. I need to feel the riding crop, not just have it waved at me. Beat my flanks to make me move. But unlike a costly, valuable prize, I need to be treated as a nag, to be ridden and used, day after day until I’m sore, then put away wet. Are you the man to break me?
I simply want a man who will ignite my mind and my ass simultaneously, sate my intellectual and carnal desires, exhaust my brain power and the resilience of my backside’s flesh. At present, that seems like too much to ask. I’m enjoying the softer kisses from female friends. I get-off on their wielding a dildo or a strap-on. But I miss the harsher treatment at the hands and lips and cock of a real, kinky, maniacal man.

6 responses to “#143) I Want a Man Who Will Make Me Think – GRAPHIC CONTENT”

    • It takes one to know one, Nora! (I honestly feel confused much of the time. Who am I, where am I going? But I like sexual satisfaction on my journey!)
      I sign my correspondences with the closing, “Warmly,” because my bottom most often is warmly glowing from self-spanking. I notice that you sign yours with XOXO. I feel kissed and hugged by you; thank you!

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