#145) One Particular Word

I purposefully used a word in my comment to the last piece I posted, “Paint It Black.” I said that I “LOVE” the woman pictured.

To be clear, I am sexually attracted to her, she is my type. I’m beguiled by her clothing, posture, expression… But I do know know her, we’ve never met. If I was introduced to her, I’d probably stutter my way through an awkward introduction, to which she’d say to herself, “Who was that train-wreck of a person?” (LOL)

All of this crossed my mind because, on the one hand, I am totally enchanted by what I am able to do on this blog, I am over the moon about it, in LOVE with this blogging adventure. But at the same time, I have never met a single soul that I am in contact with through this blog. No one knows me (perhaps even me, myself!). By what I express in writing, people relate, become impressed, think that we’re forming a bond. In one sense (according to the realities of the blog-o-sphere), we are friends, have formed a relationship. But in real life, we do not know each other at all. I like it because it is like an innocent flirtation. It’s fun and sexy, but in the larger scheme of things, almost meaningless, certainly ephemeral.

When I am actually falling in love with someone, I find it difficult to keep a clear perspective. I now know this about myself, so am aware of it. I state all this to help others keep a clear perspective…

6 responses to “#145) One Particular Word”

  1. I have made some very special friends here in blog-o-sphere. Only one who knows my real identity now, but a few others whom I email with regularly and consider “real” friends. Blogging has been one of the greatest adventures of my life. I am glad you are enjoying it! XOXO

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