#155) First Do No Harm – GRAPHIC CONTENT

I first saw this photo about a week ago. It has haunted me ever since. I’ve used it as a complimentary photo with two pieces now. I had to write about it specifically, to try to exorcise the demons that invade my dreams nightly, demonic nurses giving me enemas, giving me nightmares.
You may recognize the Hippocratic oath in the title. The nurse pictured is not licensed or trained in medicine; she’s an experienced dominatrix.
Her voice is sharp-edged, brooking no disagreement.
“Strip. Fold your clothing and stack it neatly on your shoes. Then get on the examination table, face down, ass elevated. And be quick about it.”
I obey. It isn’t because I’m cold or naked that I shiver as I do so.
Without another word, the red gloved fingers of her left hand manipulate the folds of my vagina as the red gloved fingers of her right hand lubricate my anus with gel. The gel has been warmed in a pan of hot water, but it doesn’t matter; I shiver more. One finger, then two invade my tightness, causing my toes to curl. A third finger reams my rectum, using lots of lube, but using abrupt movements that are as jarring as they are erotic. She simultaneously and expertly diddles my clitoris, and I cry out.
“May I orgasm, Nurse? Please?”
“No, you may not! If you do, I’ll use Ben-Gay ointment instead of KY jelly up your ass, I’ll give you ice cold water enemas, making you cramp, and I’ll beat your bottom afterwards, much harder than I already intend to punish you. Do you understand?”
“Yes, ma’am,” I try to enunciate, but it comes out as a moan. I try to think of brown paper packages tied up with string to forestall the massive climax that’s brewing inside me.
Her hands abruptly leave me, leave me teetering on the edge of a sheer cliff. Then I feel her part my cheeks and press the nozzle to me. It’s a big nozzle, I expect her to take it slowly as she admonishes me to relax. She does neither, just presses it home. The nozzle is not the first big, hard thing to use my eliminatory canal as an entrance, but I am glad that she is no longer playing in my pussy because this anal-erotic-whore would not have been able to keep from cumming with this rude but righteous invasion. The latch is thrown. I feel the enema flow into me. It is pleasantly warm, just a bit above body temperature.
It’s clear that the nurse expects me to grip the nozzle tight and hold it in place, as well as accept the contents of the large hot water bottle that is pregnantly full into my bowels, because she comes to the head of the table to address me directly in the eye.
“That was hard work! I’m sweating,” she tells me.
If I were a brat, I’d reply that wearing a latex uniform might have something to do with that. But I don’t. I just watch, mesmerized, as she turns, presents her backside, and lifts the hem of the short skirt of her white nurse’s kinky garb. She’s not wearing underwear. Hers is the very definition of a hard body. I see beads of sweat glistening on her tight drum of a bottom. She looks back at me over her shoulder, takes a handful of my hair in her fist as she pulls my head toward her and arches her butt out at me.
“Lick the sweat off me,” she commands.
I stick my tongue out exaggeratedly and obey. As soon as I’ve swiped my tongue across the surface of both well-muscled cheeks, she presses my face into her crack.
“Lick me deep.”
I obey without restraint to try to please her. I find it hard to breathe; she’s pressing my face into her crevice with her considerable strength. I wonder if I might pass out. Just as suddenly as she started, she stops forcing my head and pressing backwards into me, stands up straight, goes to the far end of the table, and relieves me of the nozzle.
“Rise up on all fours,” she instructs, and I get up from the happy baby yoga pose, feeling the fullness of my distended tummy. As ambidextrously as she played with me before, the nurse massages my belly with her left as she spanks my bottom with her latex-gloved right hand. The spanks really sting. “Count them!” she barks.
“One, two, three…” I wonder how many she intends to give me, wonder if she intends to cause me to have an accident. Things are getting desperate. “…twelve, thirteen, fourteen! Mistress, I need to go…!”
“You missed counting a spank!” she castigates. “When you return, you’ll pay for that. But you are dismissed to expel now, go!” and she sends me on my way with a smack.
When I finally returned, I find the nurse sitting on the examination table. She tells me to lay down again, this time over her lap. She uses the rubber hose to her stethoscope to whip my bottom thoroughly. It hurts like the dickens; I can’t keep from crying. I realize that there is something primal about this painful punishment. It is almost like I am reduced to being a child, and this imperious nurse is a mother-figure, dispensing strict lessons as needed. I’ve taken some very harsh beatings in my life and not shed a tear. This whipping isn’t exceedingly painful, but it is so elemental, so unadulterated and pure, I cry like a baby. Throughout the ordeal, this nurse lectures and spanks me, dominating me completely.
“I think you have something to confess…” she then demands.
“What? No! No, I don’t…”
“I can whip you and purge you all night long…”
“Okay! …I, I am my most me when at this moment, getting repeated enemas and follow-up beatings. It is who I am at my essence, an enema and spank whore. I love feeling dirty while being cleansed, feeling purified by the pain of punishment for being so dirty. This is who I am! Whip me for it…” I arch my well-beaten bottom up, without hesitation the nurse answers my plea with hard and fast lashes.
When she is satisfied, we both assume our original positions, where I am re-lubricated, and the whole enema process is repeated. I won’t burden you with all the belabored details; suffice to say I am given multiple rinse sessions, and multiple punishment sessions. By this time, she is sweating profusely, her hair is disheveled; I can’t imagine how bedraggled I must look.
As I come out of the bathroom for the umpteenth time, I beg, “Mistress, I’m worn out! My rosebud is sore from the nozzle going in and coming out, my bottom is sore from the many thrashings, I’m exhausted!”
“But do you feel lighter?” she asks in her same curt tone.
“Do you feel cleansed? Do you think this did you some good?”
“Oh! Well, yes, yes, of course… And I have lots to think about, to write about…”
“Very well then. As soon as you lick me, you’ll be dismissed.” She raises the front of her short skirt. Her pussy is sweat and jism soaked. She does not trim her pubic bush at all; it’s a mass of matted curls. It’s a pizza wedge shaped slice of hair-pie. It smells so fragrant, so strong, like a humid tropical forest where exotic flowers are blooming. I again stick out my tongue. I close my eyes…
That’s when I awake from this dream. Every night, at about three A.M. I’ve awoken, sweat-soaked, exhausted and totally unrested, and aroused like that repeatedly. The only way I’ve been able to get back to sleep is to masturbate. I’m functioning on about three hours of sleep nightly for the past full week. I hope telling this tale in the light of day will expunge the demon from my mind. She has possessed my soul by possessing me up my butt.

5 responses to “#155) First Do No Harm – GRAPHIC CONTENT”

  1. I finished writing this piece late last night. Then I dreamed about “the nurse” again last night. Actually, last night it was two nurses, identical twins. They took turns, they made me do very nasty things to them sexually, punished me mercilessly hard with that rubber tube on their stethoscope.
    Maybe posting this will break their hold on me, break their voodoo curse.

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  2. Thanks for the link; I REALLY enjoyed your story! I also agree with you; consent is important, but it’s fun to experiment with fictional situations where it’s NOT consensual. This is my first introduction to Literotica.com. Did your piece (or others) win any of their contests?

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    • Hey, I’m glad you liked it! The themes are not for everyone 😂 And yes, nonconsent can be very hot in fictional situations (and roleplaying). Happy also to introduce you to Literotica! I’ve been reading stories there since like 98! They do contests multiple times a year for different holidays. Currently it’s the April Fool’s contest. I have never won, but they do a top 3. It’s still cool bc I’ve gotten thousands of views on my stories there. Way, way more than on WP. I have one other story up that I submitted to another Halloween contest. I used to have a bunch of stories up under an older profile, but I got rid of it a few years ago. Anyway, hope you continue to enjoy the site. They have so many great stories!

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