#157) My Hard Limits – GRAPHIC CONTENT

Dear reader, please excuse me if this piece is a little disjointed. I’m dealing with some outside challenges at the moment, and I’m a little cum-drunk from a very long, albeit successful, but draining writing session yesterday.

I think we all easily get focused on what we want. As I just wrote in the comment to my last post (#156 on cunnilingus), I want each new sexual experience to surpass my past ones, and that’s a lot to ask. Hermione’s Heart blog brunch this week focused on the acronyms that we think accurately label us, and I had to answer that for me it’s fluid and it’s complicated, so it’s difficult to specify.

Nevertheless, I wanted to focus for a moment on the things I don’t want, the territory I do not want explored, my hard limits. The trouble there is that I keep moving the goal posts further back all the time. Let me elucidate. My first hard limit has always been that there should be no blood. I’ve taken canings, I’ve received welts, marks that have endured for days, but I don’t want the skin broken. In that same mindset of, “let’s take it a little bit passed the last landmark, let’s push my boundaries,” now I question that one just a little bit.

In the same way, I’ve always had the hard limit that one should not ask me to accept a cock or a toy that’s been up my ass into my mouth right afterward. This is called Ass To Mouth, like a bank’s ATM. There are germs back there that can make one very sick if ingested. The trouble is that porno movies routinely show this behavior, so it becomes accepted. And, in the moment of passion between two (or more) caring adults, those boundary lines can get blurry.

So what I’m finally saying is that those two WERE my hard limits, but things are fuzzy right now. I, therefore, will probably write stories that feature these acts. Know, faithful reader, that most of my writing comes from a place that is imagination, not reality. And, the reason I’m writing this is to provide a forum to discuss YOUR limits. I look forward to your comments.

6 responses to “#157) My Hard Limits – GRAPHIC CONTENT”

  1. Boundaries and limits are so important in this wonderful world we take part in. When someone says they have no limits and that they will do anything it is an immediate red flag to me.

    For me my hard limits consist of blood play, needle play, scat, medical play. and water sports.

    Must say I do like your use of the acronym ATM, I’ve not heard that before. I suppose that would make ass to vagina ATV which is another that shouldn’t be done if bareback as it can also bring about bacteria in a place it is not meant to be.

    For myself I have always viewed hard limits and boundaries as two separate entities. Hard limits being a line that will never be crossed. Boundaries on the other hand are ones that can be pushed and explored. Yet that can also happen with hard limits. Had a sub that for them rope and wax play was a hard limit, something that they would not ever do. Yet as time went on and trust was built in the dynamic they opened up to giving it a try.

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  2. I enjoyed reading this, Jean Marie! I always like to hear about the hard limits of others. Mine include blood, needles, scat, being fully wrapped in latex, ass to mouth play (I like your ATM acronym, I’d never seen that either), and serious whipping of any body part other than my ass (so…playful flogging of my pussy and breasts is okay, but not the painful kind). Always fun to think through these things. Sir push my boundaries a bit last week. He had me thoroughly clean myself (and I do mean thoroughly), and then I was to run the dildo up and down slowly between my ass cheeks (not penetration)… and then he had me perform fellatio on the dildo… As ATM is a hard limit for me, and this was definitely in the vicinity…it was a way for him to push my boundaries a bit. Honestly…it was THRILLING.

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  3. Good limits; logical and reasonable. The ATV is another good one for HUGE reasons of HEALTH.

    Some like to, or want to be ‘forced’ to, drink partner’s urine. There are ALL kinds of health reasons to NOT do that, too!

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