#160) My Journey at This Juncture

I considered myself straight growing up; heterosexual but freakish. I had these inescapable fantasies of wanting to be spanked, punished, dominated, owned. It was a mind-blowing revelation for me in college that there were other people like me out there, and men who would love to do all those dastardly things to me! But men have seemed to mistreat me in other, non-consensual ways, like being dishonest and/or unfaithful. So, recently, I’ve begun exploring another, even more submerged fantasy, my bi-sexual yearnings and exploring my kinky tastes with other women. In commemoration of this new fork in my road, I composed the following poem, patterned after Emma Lazarus’ “The New Colossus.”
A New Statuesque Statue
By Jean Marie
Not unlike the brazen goddess Diana,
Representing both the fulsome feminine moon and a huntress;
Here at my seated yet conquering form
Will spank, a mighty woman with paddle in-hand.
Flaming buttocks, with imprisoned lightening in their flesh
Her name, Mother of Fucks, that stings! From her weaponized hand
Glow backsides of world-wide chastisement. Her flashing eyes command
All submissive lasses to submit their asses.
“Keep, ancient rituals, your storied punishments!” cry I
With silent, stoic lips. “Give me your buttocks, your posteriors,
Your horny heinies yearning to be set afire,
The erotic butts of jokes I see no humor therein.
Send these, the submissive females, thrashing-thrown to me,
I lift (and bring back down) my blazing paddle onto the reddened rumps!”

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