#163) Stop the War, End the Aggression

I just saw this photo on Prefectdt’s blog, “Spankhortic II.” I did not know about Femen, a group protesting across Europe. This photo is of the famous female musical group, Pussy Riot. It made me think of an ancient Greek play (can’t remember the name). The plot of the play is that all women band together to deny men sex until they stop waging war. Building on what I ranted about in my last post concerning macho aggression, we women could aid in ending the Russian invasion of Ukraine faster than any sanctions. We should deny any macho males any sex. Don’t let them put their little thingies inside any of our orifices. Don’t let them fondle breasts, finger pussies, touch a single butt, even kiss us. We have the power, we can use it.

2 responses to “#163) Stop the War, End the Aggression”

    • No, you are entitled to your opinion, Christian. This piece is silly, it would never work (and I don’t think it did back in ancient Greek times). I’m just frustrated with the course of events, the shape of our world.

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