#165) Speaking Volumes

Her lowered eyes spoke to me, whispering that Anna wanted me to Dominate her.
Her posture spoke to me, saying that she was submissive to all my dirty desires.
Her proffered & pantied ass spoke to me, asking to be bared roughly.
The slap-sounds spoke to me, crying out that Anna needed them desperately.
Her moans spoke to me, whimpering that we shared the same innate need.
The marks spoke to me, proclaiming that I’d painted a masterpiece on the blank canvas that was her butt.
An arsenal of implements called out to me; Anna needs to feel this, they each said.
The paddle, the strap, and the cane all spoke to her in turn in their distinctive voices.
Her subspace spoke to me, needing my hug and caress and praise.
Her aroused pussy spoke to me, needing to show me what I’d done to her.
The strap-on we share spoke to me, I harnessed myself into it and unharnessed her inhibitions, unbridled her lust.
Then her tight anus spoke to me, begging to complete her debasement, the punishment, and my investment of time, effort, care, and cum.
So I fucked her there, too, calling her all the names she loves, anal-whore, butt-fuck-slut.
Anna climaxed, hard, fainting dead away in what the French call “le petit morte.”
And when she revived, she smiled and said to me, “Girlfriend, there are no words for how much I love you!”

One response to “#165) Speaking Volumes”

  1. I started writing this piece in that non-specified-genderization mode, but then wanted to address sex, so it evolved. I hope you like it! I hope you respond to the featured photo as I did, as well.

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