#168) Casting Session 1

A faithful reader, Christian_who, just suggested that I make a movie script out of recently published, “Breaking New Ground, Exploring New Horizons.” This made me laugh out loud, then made me think, “Wouldn’t that be fun!” Besides writing the script, I’d want to direct (to have my vision brought to life), and therefore, would want to be an integral part of the casting process.

The MOST important facets of any actress being considered for the lead of Jeanie in this movie would be two-fold. First, she ought to be a consummate actress. Second, she should have a magnificent ass. I plan to write more about this in the coming days, but I’ll introduce it here and now. Please regard the photo featured with this post. This young lady has a bottom that would stop traffic, and that’s what’s called-for here. I look forward to exploring this more over the next few days…

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