#169) Sensory Overload – mild content

I started seeing a new guy this summer. We’d had a date to get to know one another when Joe invited me to join him for a fourth of July celebration. It wasn’t a pool party or backyard shindig (or I might have declined). It was just a gathering of residents in his exclusive community at dark to watch a big fireworks display around the lake in the center of the neighborhood.
Joe picked me up at dusk and drove me back to his environs, and parked the car. Before we got out to take the short walk to the lake (really just a big pond with a fountain in its center), I grabbed his hand.
“I’ve always had a fantasy… of making love underneath fireworks….” I rolled up on one hip and pulled the skirt of my long gown up to give Joe a look at my round bum. I pulled the thong out of my crack to show him that I was already aroused. “Want to make my dreams come true?”
Joe’s eyes got big. “Let’s get in the backseat where we’ll have more room,” was all he said.
His car had large, tinted windows. The moon-roof was open. The backseat did have more room, without a gearshift endangering DP’ing me. The first round of sex was really good. He took me from behind as we kind of spooned on the backseat/floor. It was vigorous enough to get us sweaty on the mild night, punctuated with really satisfying hard slaps to my ass. We climaxed simultaneously. Joe didn’t shrink so much as to pop out of my vagina, so I reached back to massage his balls, hoping we might be able to get another boff in before the pyrotechnics ended.
“That was really hot,” I understated. “I especially liked the spanks synchronized between each thrust!”
Maybe it was the tight quality in my voice, maybe he’s just omniscient; Joe offered me a Yeti thermos of cold water. Several sips revived me. When the metal mouthpiece of the container was away from my lips, Joe began spanking me anew, again timing the repercussions of hand to ass with the explosions overhead. Almost immediately, his manhood revived, and we were fucking again like bunnies. The show got more intense, I could tell that it was coming to its crescendo. Even though we were going at it fervently, neither of us could reach orgasm before the sudden silence surrounded us. People began returning to their cars. I hoped that the smell of gunpowder in the air would mask the musky fragrance that had to be wafting from our car’s open roof. We stopped pumping, but I couldn’t help but giggle.
“Do you want me to suck you off?” I whispered.
“No. I want to take you back to my place and fuck you all night long.”
“Sounds lovely,” I smiled. “But we still have to get from the backseat into the front…” (It was implied that neither of us was limber enough to squeeze between the front bucket seats and over the gearshift console.) I pulled my thong underwear back on, and though disheveled, I looked presentable, so hopped out of the back and into the front, in between the hordes of people filing past our car to theirs. It took a lot more for Joe to try to stuff his boner back into his tight slacks. No sooner was he seated next to me than I unzipped him and that constrained erection popped free. “I just want to keep you hard…” I said before sucking on his knob, as he tried to reach around me to shift gears.
“I’m gonna explode…!” Joe shouted, “and I really want to save it to fuck you with!” as he pulled my head off of his smaller one. (It was implied that a guy his age didn’t have too many shots in the chamber to fire off in one session.)
As I wiped my mouth, I smiled, “Thank you for helping me cross an item off my bucket list!”
He smiled back. “You like sensory experience on top of sensory experience, don’t you?”
“I never thought of it that way before… but, yes. I’d like sensory overload! But you do, too. It was you who spanked me as you fucked me…” All that we could do was smile at one another.
He didn’t even try to put his erection away for a second time once we were parked in his driveway. Blue-balls did make him bend over at the waist, however. Ever the gentleman, he nonetheless raced around the car to open my door, then unlocked his front door and led me into his lair. He steered me not to his bedroom, but to the large kitchen.
“I had a business lunch at a Chinese restaurant yesterday, and brought home a doggie-bag of leftovers. They have this dessert I think you’ll like…” Out of the fridge he produced this monstrous slab of cake. “They call it the Great Wall of Chocolate.” Then he poured that Yeti thermos full of milk, and set both on the island.
“Don’t you want to get out two forks?” I suggested.
“No, all that is just for you. Think of it as a reward to eat as I fuck you… after I spank you…”
I leaned over the island. Joe lifted my long skirt. He spanked me very hard, just like I like it. When we were both sufficiently (meaning immensely) aroused, he pulled my thong aside.
“No, please take it off. I don’t want it in the way.”
He pulled the garment down, I stepped out of it, then bent further over. He slid his cock into me in one long thrust. I moaned in rapture. He found his rhythm.
“Oooh, fuck!” I sighed.
“Don’t forget your dessert, Sensory Princess.”
“I don’t think I can… this is so delicious…!”
“You must.”
To please him, I took a bite. It was decadent. I chased it with a sip of cold milk (the thermos kept it from sloshing and spilling as I bounced about on his cock) and spiraled into a higher heaven. Joe rogered me deep and fast. I couldn’t help myself; I took another bite, and sip, and moan, and…
It’s become a thing with us. Not all the time, but every once in a while, Joe will serve me a course of a meal (I’ve even sipped wine from that Yeti thermos) and want to fuck simultaneously. And I feel depraved. And divine all at the same time.
So, this morning on television, I think it was the “CBS Sunday Morning” show, they had a segment about fireflies in this forest in Tennessee. There are massive amounts of fireflies; they put on a spectacular show apparently. Lots of people are flocking to see them. We were still lounging in bed. I got wet almost immediately and began playing with myself. Joe got the message and began booking our vacation to Tennessee.

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