#170) Casting Session 2

Building on what I posted yesterday (#168), I’d like to fantasize about the preparatory steps for filming a movie of a script derived from my story, “Breaking New Ground…” (#166).

The first thing to note is that now you can cast an actress with a substantial ass. That didn’t used to be the case. Back when I modeled in Los Angeles, most agents told me that my bottom was too big and I’d have to lose weight to be represented by them. That’s why I wrote about celebrities who have big bottoms (#56, 59, 61, 62, 65).

Next, I vividly recall auditions to model from my L.A. days, and having several actress friends, I know that it was the same when auditioning for speaking roles in films and TV. You walk into the waiting room to find twenty or thirty people who look almost identical to you. But this casting session would have some special wrinkles. First, every actress called for the initial interview would have a big bum, like the modern model featured with this piece (yesterday’s, and for the days to come). Second, in the interview, we’d determine that the actresses we’re interested in casting are all spankos. That fixation/fetish can’t be faked. We’d determine that the actress can speak clearly, but can selectively act when to stutter in order to portray the lead character, Jeanie. Unfortunately, if we cast a real stutterer, the film schedule would be delayed, costing extra production dollars. (I hope you’re smiling along with me at this self-depricating joke.) Next, every actress being considered would have to sign a waiver stating several things. The waiver would verify that, no matter the actual orientation, the actress agrees to portray someone attracted to both male and female characters, and have no hesitancy in having romantic/sex scenes with both genders. And the waiver would state that, for the duration of filming, the actress would abstain from any impact play, so as to remain unbruised/unmarked. Again, we can’t have an actress showing-up on set to film a scene where her pristine posterior is punished in some manner, and already have a marked bottom. “Oh that? I was just playing with my boyfriend last night and we got carried away…”

Tomorrow, I plan to take this discussion further.

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