#171) Surprise After Surprise – mild content

This whole thing was so like Alan. Jeanie had casually mentioned, as they were touring Napa Valley’s wine country over the New Year holiday, that she would love to compare it to Europe’s someday. So late in March, Alan surprised Jeanie with plane tickets and accommodations for a vacation trip to Italy.
“If it’s okay with you, we’ll do France another time,” Al said as he surprised her with the gift. “Maybe Germany’s Rhine area after that.”
She couldn’t keep from smiling. “Yes, it’s okay! This sounds fantastic! Thank you!” As she hugged her boyfriend, she realized how important it was to keep her passport current with this guy.
As if in a dream, just days later, Jeanie found herself in Italy with Al. It was indicative of Americana that great wineries like Robert Mondavi’s had been around for almost sixty years, whereas these had been established and world renown for more than six centuries. The architecture was incredible, the food beyond compare! So much history everywhere they looked.
As they rounded a corner in one winery on Friday the first, Jeanie saw her. By the way she was dressed, she was a peasant girl, a local. Jeanie and Alan had just seen the movie, “Being the Ricardos” where the famously hilarious “I Love Lucy” wine-stomping scene was recreated. The scene Jeanie drank in was not funny. She locked eyes with the girl. The Italians have an idiom, “being hit by a thunderbolt” when you are struck by love at first sight. Even though there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, Jeanie and this girl were simultaneously hit by a thunderbolt.
It didn’t hurt that the twenty year old Italian maiden was stunningly beautiful. Olive skin, dark eyes and hair, shapely long legs, and the girl was hiking her skirt up, to keep it out of the grape vat, so that everyone was almost able to ascertain that the carpet matched the drapes. The girl didn’t seem to be wearing any undergarments, if the seductive shift of her unfettered breasts beneath the thin cotton blouse was any indication.
Alan saw what seemed to have transpired between the two lovely women. He took Jeanie by the arm and led her over to the line of stomping vats. He spoke fluent Italian, among other languages, and began an animated conversation with Apolonia, all of which was unintelligible to Jeanie. The girl had a husky, sexy voice. Al made introductions between the two, both women blushed and offered halting hellos. And then the chance encounter seemed to be over, Alan was leading Jeanie away to continue their tour. Jeanie risked a quick glance over her shoulder at Apolonia.
“Don’t worry, Jean, I’ve asked her to join us for dinner,” he shared in her ear. “I’ve asked her not to change clothes, not to bathe…”
This kind of thing wasn’t unusual for Alan Whitaker. He was used to making unusual requests, and getting exactly what he asked for. Maybe this was attributable to the fact that he was a captain of industry, the owner of a multi-million dollar company. He was also a take-charge kind of personality, which carried over to their sex life. Al was Dominant, and Jeanie his submissive.
Unlike their previous sumptuous meals at expensive restaurants, tonight they went to a quaint little bistro. So, from outward appearances, Apolonia wasn’t out of place when she walked in to join the couple, dressed as she was, just as she had been. Except for the fact that the girl was barefoot; she didn’t want to ruin any pair of shoes she’d slip onto her grape juice-sticky feet.
Alan ordered for all of them, conversed with Apolonia, translated what was necessary for Jeanie’s benefit.
Before the appetizer arrived, Alan stated the obvious.
“Jeanie, my love, our guest needs cleaning to be comfortable. Lick her legs, please.”
Immediately getting under the table, Jeanie began licking Apolonia’s feet tops (not the dusty soles), ankles, calves, knees, thighs. From her vantage, Jeanie could see and smell Apolonia’s vagina. Her Top did not instruct her to proceed any higher, so she just let the anticipation make her mouth water, so that she could tongue-bathe Apolonia’s long stems in reverse, from her soft thighs on down, back to the tops of both feet.
“Is that sufficient, Sir?” Jeanie asked from her knees on the floor.
“Yes, for now,” he answered, patting her chair for her return. “We’ve been talking while you were busy, Apolonia is very attracted to you…”
Jeanie kept her eyes downcast, but blushed deeply as she answered, “It’s reciprocated.”
“Good!” Al proclaimed, though it wasn’t clear if he was talking about romance or sustenance, because their antipasto was served.
As they ate this and the main course, Apolonia noticed the red wine. “This is ours! From-a the Piemonte region!” she exclaimed in Italian.
Jeanie leaned in and caught Apolonia’s flashing eyes, “Translate for me, please, Alan,” she said without looking away, then said to the younger female, “It is delicious, strong and full bodied, intoxicating, I’m falling in love with it,” she said and it was clear that it wasn’t only the wine that was being praised.
Apolonia reached out and took Jeanie’s hand. Jeanie lifted Apolonia’s hand and kissed it. Apolonia upped the ante, leaned in and kissed Jeanie’s lips.
“Shall we adjourn to our hotel suite before it gets any steamier?” Al interjected. He threw a handful of lira down on the table, and the three walked arm-in-arm across the piazza.
Jeanie whispered to Al, “Ask her if she’s a bottom, a Top, or a switch, please.”
He replied, “That’s been ascertained, she’s submissive to men, but would like to try switching with the right woman. Which sounds exactly like someone else I know…” He took the arm that embraced Jeanie’s shoulder and patted her bottom.
“Thank you for this!” she whispered softly but sincerely. “It’s been one wonderful surprise after another.”
“She’s my gift to you, to play with as you wish. I thought she might be a good subject for your first time dabbling with lesbian sex, a world away from our usual existence, a hot-blooded Italian. I’m glad you like her,” Al whispered.
Al let a Cheshire cat smile cross his lips, but didn’t elaborate why. He let both women into the hotel suite Jeanie and he had been enjoying during their stay. Apolonia seemed impressed by the way her eyes grew ever larger as they proceeded from main room to dining area to bedroom.
Jeanie turned to Al, “You are sure that she knows what we’d like, that she gives her consent?”
“I’m sure,” he replied to Jeanie, “but why don’t we introduce one thing at a time? Let’s not rush things…” He turned to Apolonia and announced in English, “Jeanie would like to take your clothes off…” and then followed in Italian. The girl stood still, facing the other woman, and smiled as one article at a time was removed. Jeanie sighed as she revealed Apolonia’s pert, pear-life breasts, Apolonia blushed as well as grinned, Jeanie attacked them gently with her mouth, Apolonia moaned. Similarly, Jeanie undid Apolonia’s wrap-around skirt, brushed the back of her hand across the thick, jet-black pubic bush, before reaching around to cup and grip the girl’s substantial buttocks. A stream of rapid Italian poured out of Apolonia’s mouth.
“She wants to strip you,” Al translated. It was Jeanie’s turn to stand still and let her counterpart remove article after article. When Jeanie was as naked as Apolonia, the Italian repeated the same gesture, brushing the back of her hand across Jeanie’s shaved pudendum, then feasting her hands with ravenous grasps of butt flesh. Their pussies touched, their nipples met, their mouths joined. Al took the opportunity to take his clothes off, pleased that the tryst was off to such a propitious start, but feeling a little ignored. He intended for Jeanie to monopolize Apolonia’s attentions, but he hoped that the extra excitement the Italian would generate would benefit Al’s intentions for Jeanie. When similarly nude, he put his arms around both lovely ladies.
“Which of you wants to take the initiative and spank the other first?” he said in English and then Italian.
Before his translation was completely out of Alan’s mouth, Apolonia spoke up, “I am a-dying to e-spanka dis Jeanie,” she said in halting English.
“You speak some English!” Jeanie remarked with surprise as she eagerly clamored over Apolonia’s lap.
“Si!” Apolonia said just before getting into the spirit of the moment and spanking Jeanie very soundly.
“You spank very well!” Jeanie winced, as the dominant female really walloped the one in the submissive position.
“Gracie,” Apolonia said, “Now you do me…”
Jeanie sat down on the satin duvet over the huge hotel bed. Her bottom was quite hot and it felt divine to feel that heat radiated back. The sensations made the sap in Jeanie’s trunk flow all the more, she felt fully alive, very aroused. Then Apolonia laid her length across Jeanie’s knees. It was thrilling to have a woman assume that position with her. And what a woman Apolonia was, so soft, so curvaceous, so feminine. Jeanie let her hands wander. The girl’s bottom was so erotic! She parted the fulsome cheeks, and a mass of coarse curls grew like grape vines from the thick patch between her thighs up into the narrow crevice. Jeanie could barely make out where this girl’s rosebud was, had no idea about her pudendum. Jeanie wondered if this was a function of socio-economic status (the girl lived an impoverished existence, hand-to-mouth, and didn’t have time for luxuries like grooming one’s pubic hair) or cultural (did Italian girls do this?) or a personal choice (she was sexy as hell like this, almost wild, feral, untamed and untamable).
Jeanie tried to cover the fact that she’d just been inspecting Apolonia’s beauty by saying, “You have the softest skin, a flawless complexion!”
Jeanie once again got lost in her reverie. She remembered how sensual it was to lick her legs, how smooth they were. Surely she must have some hair there that she had to shave! Did that mean that if she pussy were shaved, it’d be just as smooth?
A giggle erupted out of Apolonia, “Are you a-gonna e-spanka me?”
Jeanie raised the hand that had been reading Apolonia’s body language by Braille and brought it down squarely on the round rump. Jeanie didn’t know how many spanks this girl had given her. She sure spanked hard, almost as hard as Alan! Her bottom was still radiant and throbbing, a pleasure to sit upon. There, that must’ve been about thirty swats, that should be enough, for now…
Apolonia arose from Jeanie’s lap rubbing her bottom and looking as sexy as hell, good enough to eat, and that’s just what was on Jeanie’s mind. But something troubled her.
“Would you please excuse us for just a moment, Apolonia?” Jeanie said, then took Al into the main room for some privacy. There she accused directly with a smile on her face, “Okay, Alan, I know that it’s April Fool’s Day, and I know that you’re a prankster. I’m wondering if Apolonia is a transexual, was once a man…”
“You know that I always have a person’s background completely vetted before I allow them into our inner circle, for your and my safety. My people did that with Apolonia. She is female, always has been…” A smile crossed his face as he added, “But you know me too well, I was planning a little April first surprise. Apolonia is a high-end prostitute, she’s supposed to be very skilled. I’d planned to let you two have sex, have her impress you with those skills, before I shared her history with you. I’ve seen her recent medical records, Jeanie. Apolonia is completely clean. Do you still want to play with her?”
Jeanie thought for just a matter of seconds, “More than ever! But I’m glad you told me this… beforehand!” and she kissed him passionately and then rushed back into the boudoir.
The girl needed a nickname, Apolonia was pretty but far too long.
“Mind if I call you a nickname? What do you prefer, Appy, Polly, Lonnie, Nia?”
“Nia isa nice!”
“Okay. Nia, I’m no good at sixty-nine, the sensations are too much for me to be able to concentrate. Do you mind licking me while I just play with and explore your lady parts?”
Nia smiled her approval, Jeanie laid down on the bed and Nia hovered over her in the reverse direction, parting and then licking the vagina before her. Jeanie sighed right away, feeling at ease in her skillful hands (and other appendages). Jeanie languidly parted the pussy that straddled her head, taking her time to comb through the pubes, to finger and get to know Nia intimately, especially to part her cheeks, give them love pats, tickle the Italian girl’s rosebud. Then the pleasure overtook Jeanie; all she could do was lay there and writhe under the ministrations of Nia’s talented tongue.
After a series of mind-blowing climaxes, Jeanie felt both able to and empowered to orchestrate things. Al looked so lonesome standing by the bed just spectating.
“Lover,” she said to him, “I’m warmed-up! Will you fuck me?” Jeanie laid on her tummy and accepted Al’s cock from behind. In front of her face, Jeanie moved Nia into position to spank those resilient and cherubic cheeks. They were off to a high voltage start, the love-making continued late into the night. Exhausted by the pyrotechnics and gymnastics, Alan and then Nia fell asleep.
Jeanie was fascinated with the sexuality of the girl sleeping contentedly next to her. What must her life be like? What were her plans for the future?
Even though she’d only gotten a few hours sleep, Jeanie awoke with the morning light. She reflected on how generous it was of Alan to set-up this tryst with Nia, having the call-girl masquerade as a winery worker. To avoid any possibility of jealousy, he had only had relations with Jeanie, letting just the sight of Nia inspire his play. As it was, Jeanie had fingered the girl’s sex, and spanked her repeatedly, but abstained from reciprocating with her tongue in Nia’s tail. As if on cue, Nia’s eyes fluttered open, and she smiled at the woman gazing down on her. Gingerly at first, Jeanie asked Nia about her perspectives. The girl confessed that she loved sex, but had grown tired of sex-work in Milan, her home. Some of her clients, though wealthy, were not classy and appreciative, like Jeanie and Alan had been. Nia shared that it was her dream to go to America. It was then that Alan awoke. He spoke right away of being hungry, or wanting to go out to eat something.
“Let me excuse myself,” Nia said demurely, and Jeanie realized how attuned Nia was to social dynamics.
Jeanie immediately whispered to Alan to make sure that he knew how to get in touch with the young lady. At breakfast at another cute, family-run café, Jeanie shared with her well-heeled lover what she’d learned about Nia.
“You’re always saying that you’re looking for investments, ways to write-off some income…” and Jeanie spelled-out her ideas. The upshoot was that Jeanie and Alan returned to America on-schedule, but, as soon as her paperwork has processed, yet another surprise was revealed, Nia followed them to the states, where they set her up as the proprietor of a little International café. And being out of the sex business, Jeanie felt confident in relishing a threesome with Nia on a frequent basis.

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  1. Happy April Fool’s Day! I heard of a writing contest on this day’s theme over at Literotica.com (thanks erosprism!), and started to compose this story last week. Then I saw that the entry date had already passed, so this is just for you; enjoy!

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