#172) Casting Session 3

I’ve enjoyed thinking about what it would be like to have to cast a movie based on one of my stories.

Spanking has not been dealt with well in movies, in my opinion. The landmark in this genre is probably “The Secretary” where Maggie G. bends over a desk, slowly pulls her panties and pantyhose down, and receives a hand spanking from her boss. There are no bottom shots. I have always thought that Mary Gaitskill’s short story was more erotic than the film. More serious S & M was depicted in “Story of O.” It featured whipping more than spanking. Another film I’d like to reference is “Last Tango in Paris,” which was groundbreaking because it featured Marlon Brando and a young actress in sex scenes. In the empty apartment where the two meet to have a sexual affair, he requests that she bring him the butter from the fridge. When she does, he butters her butt hole and sodomizes her on screen. All of this has bearing because I’d want my movie to be a major motion picture, not a porno, that centers on the main character loving to be spanked (among other kinks).

Back to the casting process, I’ve gotten aroused by thinking about the call-backs (the second interview for actresses who are strongly in contention for the lead role). They’ve proven that they are top notch thesbians, they are all comely with large bottoms. Now we must divide the wheat from the chaff, and the best way to do that is to spank each one on the bare backside. I’d be assessing how each actress’ bum colors (have you ever noticed how some bottoms look pimple-y when punished?), checking out each rosebud (to make sure no one was hemorrhoidal, there are anal scenes to consider), but most of all, how the actress enjoyed the experience. If she truly is a spanko, she’d enjoy this casting sesh, want it to go on and on (as would I). Which makes me reflect on what fun the actual shoot would be!

2 responses to “#172) Casting Session 3”

    • No, Christian (although the WHOLE thing is a pipe dream), the nervousness of the situation would make my stutter unbearably pronounced. I took some acting classes when modeling in L.A., and that was informative about my strengths & weaknesses. And I’m really shy at heart (I just write with bravado). IF this dream were to become real, it’d be thrilling enough to try to write & direct.

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