#173) Trying Tying – GRAPHIC CONTENT

Knots in my tummy
Match the real ones my lover
Ties before I’m whipped
I’m spanked frequently. But I felt we were falling into a rut. So I asked my boyfriend to try something new on me. That’s all he needed to hear.
At first, I wondered if he really understood. He bundled me over his lap, pulled my skirt up and my panties down, and I thought I was in for another session of patty cake on my baby cakes. But he began massaging lubricant up my tooter, and being very anal erotic, I nearly swooned with his first touch back there. He took his time and used lots of gel. I was gritting my teeth, trying to think of banal things, trying not to climax when he announced, “Now you’re ready for a thorough enema,” and he took me by the hand to my bathroom. (We have matching his and hers bathrooms in my lover’s lavish home, which has spoiled me for anything less forevermore.) I was given repeated doses, Kyle played with the nozzle up my bum throughout, and I was allowed to play with my pussy, so by the time I was spouting as crystal clear as Las Vegas fountain, I’d masked three really nice orgasms. My efforts to “keep the lid on,” to not give free reign to the climaxes made them all the more delicious. It felt like they imploded within me, as opposed to exploding openly.
Next, Kyle escorted me into the playroom where he bound my naked body over the punishment bench, with my ass elevated to an obscene degree. As he tied intricate knots at my ankles and wrists, I composed in my head the haiku above. As he lectured me, saying that I was due a really good, hard whipping, Kyle rolled up his right shirt sleeve. He took off his belt and doubled its length in his hand. All of these preparations excited me tremendously. Leather stings so righteously when it’s slashed across bare flesh, then that pain turns to an incandescent glow that warms so incredibly. I was given several long sets. I wished that one of my hands were freed, so that I could touch my aching clit. Kyle threaded his belt back through his pants loops as he retrieved a long, whippy cane from the wall. I’d been looking back at him, but couldn’t stand the anticipation, so looked straight ahead and forced myself to arch my ass out at my lover. He gave me an equally severe thrashing of several long sets of stripes. As much as I crave leather implements, I detest wooden ones, especially this rod! The pain of this caning, totally unadulterated by any sexual pleasure, was so pure. Its intensity felt like it melted me down to my essence. Still, that unrequited itch gnawed at me, growling to be satiated.
“Please, please, untie one of my wrists so that I can pleasure myself, lover…!”
“Oh, no, my love… you asked for something completely different than what we normally do…”
I wondered if a girl had ever exploded from denied-release before, then I noticed that Kyle had replaced the cane on the wall and was unzipping his fly. Next thing I knew, his talented fingers were re-anointing my rosebud with lube.
“What’re you gonna do?!” I asked, panic evident in my voice, knowing full well what he was planning.
He didn’t answer in words, just pressed his erect cock head to my rear portal. I thought about all the many times he’d taken me up my butt in the past, how much I’d loved being fucked there, but how every time before, I’d been diddling my pussy the whole time, translating the barely tolerable intensity of being so filled back there into the intense thrill of being filled and defiled there. I thought for the millionth time that maybe some butt holes just weren’t made for fucking, just as my lover was sliding his length all the way into my tail-pipe.
But he didn’t fuck my backdoor; there was no in and out, no thrusting and withdrawal. He simply possessed me there, penetrated my rectum balls deep, then reached underneath me to pinch my nipples with one hand, and play with my pussy with the other. When Kyle touched my clit, it was like an electrical circuit had been completed, the jolt was so palpable. I fucked myself in the ass by bucking about convulsively. In so doing, I had a series of orgasms that made me gasp, made me scream, made me squirt, as all the knots in my body came undone. For my sensitive, tight, tiny little butt hole, it was the perfect ass fucking. I had fucked myself in my ass, my way, on my terms, using Kyle’s cock like a dildo. So sublime, there are not adequate words to capture the experience! As should be obvious, I’m a verbose girl. But words cannot do justice to that orgasmic romp..
I lost consciousness. When I came to, Kyle had untied me and was carrying me to the bedroom. He placed me gingerly on the bed. That’s when I noticed his hard-on wavering about.
“You haven’t cum! Let me return the favor…” (I have a hard limit of not sucking his cock when it’s come straight out of my bottom.) But I was ready and willing to forget that out-of-bounds rule on this occasion. That fact is the essence of our D/s relationship; he doesn’t order me about. He makes me want to give myself wholly and completely to him. I was euphoric and wanted him to join me.
As I’ve heard so many times before, Kyle answered, “We’ll just save it for later.” (If anybody was ever to keep score, I’d estimate that Kyle gives me about ten climaxes for every one I give him. I hope no one is actually keeping count! He doesn’t seem to resent this fact, like I would, if roles were reversed.) He spooned me, his erection aligned up my butt crack, his arms around me. I realized that there would be other times, when Kyle would need to assert his dominance over me, for my own good, when he’d fuck my tender bum hard, long, unrelentingly, no matter how I whimpered or moaned, until he had his release. Then I’d gladly serve as his fuck-toy; now I felt like royalty. Now I was a queen. Now I was his.

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