#174) Casting Session 4

No this isn’t a clinic on how to use a fly fishing rod. If you’ve come into the wrong room by mistake, that fact will become immediately obvious. It is a major motion picture casting session for the lead role in “Breaking New Ground.” We’ve narrowed the selection down to the last few candidates. Julie, a fiery redhead with wavy curls cascading down the back of her plaid flannel shirt, wants to stand out from the rest of the crowd. She whispers her idea to another prospective candidate for the one role, Marie. They begin making-out, passionately. Mouths meet, then tongues entwine. Hands wander, explore, caress, pull thong underwear away to touch, intimately. Marie, with equally long black hair flowing down her back, gets into character, and begins to spank Julie’s firm, round bottom, as the two continue to kiss. The spanks become more heated. There is a grave danger that the sparks these two beauties are generating will ignite a large conflagration among all the ladies present. I have to physically separate the two, much like one would two dogs when you turn the garden hose on them. Standing out from the crowd is one thing, rolling on the floor in an uninhibited tussle is another. Actually, the lesbian love-making demonstration is not wholey in-character with the lead role. Jeanie is passionate, but only when secure in her feelings. Over all, she is more shy, observant, a thinker more than a doer. The role goes to Kate, pictured below. Besides being a strong actress, she has the right temperament, right down to the fact that she has tan lines, is outwardly modest (if inwardly a sex fiend).

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