#175) My Current Situation

Dear Readers,

I want to make you aware of some things that are going on for me right now.

I foolishly got way too much sun for a fair complected girl (especially when I modeled and lived on the Left coast). I’m paying the price for it now. I have a number of skin cancers that need to be treated. Around that regimen of dermatologist’s visits, I’ve just come upon the opportunity to travel a little bit. For a while, I didn’t know if, between these and other considerations, I’d be able to keep blogging here. I don’t know if it’s obvious, but I really LOVE this blog, it feeds my soul. It’s been out of that exuberance that I’ve posted here multiple times daily (sometimes as many as four or five times a day). As I realistically look at the whole picture, I think I will be able to carry on with the blog with one major shift. From now on, I plan to post just once daily, it won’t matter if it’s a lengthy piece of writing (either recently composed or something from the past) or just a short snippet. I confess that it has pleased me immensely to look at this blog’s statistics to see that my core visitors have returned multiple times daily to rack-up in excess of one thousand views on some days. I’m going to try not to look at those statistics, and just hope that my readership stays loyal and keeps following here.

13 responses to “#175) My Current Situation”

  1. I am really sorry to hear about the skin cancer! I enjoy your blog immensely. I can’t really keep up with the multiple posts per day, as I typically only visit WordPress 1-2 times per day, but I will continue to follow you and keep up where I can. Blog on, sista! XOXO

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  2. Again, a commonality.
    Not only that we are both perverts and stutterers.
    I have also had skin cancer for years and have to undergo minor operations again and again.
    You are apparently my twin sister in spirit, dear Jean-Marie.

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  3. Wishing you well on getting the skin cancer taken care of, hopefully all goes well for you.
    Since finding your blog I have enjoyed your style of writing and your voice.
    While life has thrown me a curve ball with a sick and ailing mother whether you write once a day or 4 times a day I will be coming by to read.

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  4. I burn like a potato chip. Years of getting burned pre-Paba and pre-spf, but worst was years in the Army. Diagnosed when I was about 27. Simple stuff and a “We have to watch this!” warning and it’s very manageable.

    It was. And then I got complacent. And one day…! “This one is real.”

    A second type of cancer scare followed so I am religious about getting checked a couples times a year.

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