#177) Rumspringa – GRAPHIC CONTENT

This evocative photo conjured up a story in my mind the moment I saw it.
The view outside the window reminds me of Ohio, boring, flat Ohio.
The view of the interior reminds me of an Amish bedroom, an austere, restrictive Amish bedroom. It’s the bedroom of Anna, a late-teen Amish girl. It’s Rumspringa, the time reserved for young Amish people Anna’s age to experiment with typical teenaged American life, even to embrace any forbidden vice.
Anna has an unexplored vice, something that has gnawed at her female consciousness for practically all of her eighteen years. The word “conjured” was used in the first sentence. That word connotes a summoning of the devil. That is appropriate here.
Anna has invited Jed to her home on a Sunday morning. Jed is not Amish, is a boy from town, a boy with the reputation as a player. On Sunday mornings, Anna’s family will be in church most of the day. They feel obligated to attend Amish church services, but Anna has no obligations during Rumspringa. Sunday morning is also perfect because Anna wants to clearly see all that is going to transpire. Not illuminated by the oil lamp at bedside, or by candlelight; Anna wants to see, experience it all.
Jed arrives at Anna’s home at the appointed hour, the time Anna invited him by letter. Anna has never used a telephone, much less a cell phone like Jed carries. He arrives in his souped-up Trans Am, something else Anna has never experienced. But Anna has not summoned this devilishly cute guy to her door on this Sabbath to talk on a phone or ride in a car. Jed assumes that he’s here to deflower Anna. He was summoned at Beth Richard’s abode for that reason last Rumspringa a year ago, and he assumes his glowing reputation has spread. Jed is not completely wrong. Anna thinks that she might have intercourse for her first time today with Jed. But that is secondary in her mind.
On his walk to Anna’s front door, Jed takes a swig of rum in his hip flask to steel his nerves. Beth had liked the taste of rum, he hopes Anna will, too. He’d enjoyed his one-Sunday-stand with Beth, he was looking forward to this tryst with Anna on her last maiden’s voyage. Jed found Anna even cuter than Beth, and that was saying something. Both were apple-cheeked farmgirls, wholesome and pretty in a fresh-scrubbed kind of way. But Beth was rather skinny, and Anna had an hourglass shape. At least it seemed that way when Jed had seen Anna in town, wearing her long gown and apron and bonnet.
Jed knocked on the front door. Anna answered it. Jed was awestruck. Anna wasn’t wearing a long gown and apron. She was stark fucking naked. She did have a voluptuous shape. He stood back to look her up and down.
She had blond curls that crowned her head and flowed down in cascading rivulets past her shoulders. She had huge blue eyes, that darted from his eyes to the front porch floor, and those apple-cheeks were blushing radiantly. She had fair skin, seemingly untouched by the sun, so very pale, though the morning sun was glaring on her whiteness now like a spotlight. She was unfreckled, unblemished, perfectly porcelain in that bright light. Her breasts were full and heaving as she breathed, pert and upstanding, topped with bright pink erect nipples and large areolae. From that swelling mountain’s majesty her figure trimmed to a narrow waist, but here Anna seemed unique. She wasn’t that anorexic slender wasp-waisted wasted-ness that many teenaged girls her age had; she had a little tummy, a feminine roundness punctured with a deep indented navel. Anna just stood there, still and calm, as his eyes continued their vacation journey downward. Her hips swelled out in such an erotic, provocative way, Jed could only think of the term “child-bearing hips.” She was a woman. Her sex was invisible beneath a cloud of blond fuzzy curls. Her long legs were just as shapely as the rest of her. Her bare feet delicate but long, her nails unadorned with polish. As if all of this wasn’t enough, Anna smiled demurely, wordlessly reached out to take Jed’s hand, turned and led him to her bedroom. This is when Jed fell in lust. The vision of her ample understanding dumbfounded Jed. She had a firm, round, chunky ass. He was an ass-man and Anna had a spectacular ass. He watched it undulate as she walked him down the hallway. Actually, he memorized its every nuanced movement as alternate cheeks flexed like a fist, then relaxed as she took step after another step. It, too, was pink-white, unblemished, untanned. It gave the impression of purity while simultaneously looking like the seat of all sexuality. Its impressiveness made Jed hard. He would’ve followed it anywhere, through the gates of hell if necessary.
Only when they were in her simple bedroom did Anna turn, face Jed, take his other hand in hers, and speak.
“I bet you’re wondering why I invited you here today.”
“No,” he smirked, “we’re gonna fuck. And I’ve never wanted to fuck a girl as much…”
“Not exactly,” Anna cut him off. “I mean, we can fuck, if we both want that, as a kind of a reward, afterward…”
“You lost me, Anna…” he said. But then his eye followed her as she moved to turn down her bed, and he saw what was lying on her bedspread.
It was a foot and a half of thick yet supple leather, a razor strap. Anna picked it up, held it out to Jed.
“I want you to strap me with this… across my bottom… hard.”
A multitude of things flashed across Jed’s mind, from the question, “Why?” to the protestation, “NO! You are too beautiful back there…” but again Anna cut him off.
“I’ve always fantasized about being punished, it gets me sexually excited. I’m attracted to you, Jed. If it works, and I’m as turned-on in reality as I always have been in my mind, I’d like to fuck you. Afterward, if you do a good job of it. Even if you’re not into strapping me hard, I hope the incentive of hot sex will motivate you… like I said before, as a reward.”
With that, Anna moved the stack of pillows from the head of the bed to half way down, and laid face down on the mattress, so that her incredible ass was elevated and proffered. She held the leather implement out to Jed, and looked at him solemnly, sincerely, solicitously. Instead of taking it from her right away, Jed took out the flask, took another deep pull on it, and offered it to Anna.
“What is it?” she asked.
“Rum. It’s sweet,” he said.
She took it, took a swig, coughed, “And strong!”
She handed both things in her hands back to him. Jed put the flask back in his pocket, tested the strap against the palm of his now-empty left hand.
“You’re sure about this?” he asked.
Anna nodded, “Positive… Don’t wimp out on me, I need it hard.”
He rested the strap across the summit of her very round rump, bisecting that deep divide. He wanted to try to convince her how good sex could be without this preliminary. He wanted to sit on her thighs, and push his achingly erect cock into her pussy from behind, and hump against that fleshy mountain of buttocks, and convert this untested sadist into an unbridled sexpot. But she wanted her butt strapped first, so…
He raised the strap, brought it down sharply.
“You’re wasting both of our time if you can’t do it lots harder than that!” she chided.
Jed felt it was a sacrilege to blemish such God-given beauty, was sure that he was punching his ticket to hell, but did as she asked and gave her a much harder lick with the leather.
“Better… you can do it even harder, I won’t break. Now give me about fifty more…” Anna Topped from the bottom, expressing her heart’s content. She reached forward and took the iron bedpost in both her hands, which seemed to elevate her ass all the more.
Jed raised the heavy strap, saw the red swath imprint on her ass, brought it down again. The sound was fearsome, Jed was amazed that Anna didn’t cry out. The marks on her once-unblemished ass added up as the beating progressed, so that she was soon completely reddened from where her butt crack started to where her thighs started.
“Are you keeping count?” he asked her, his voice labored from the exertion.
“No, I don’t need to…” she answered, “part my thighs, look into my pussy…”
Jed put the strap down and did as she instructed. Her lips parted slowly and with difficulty, seemingly glued together with a copious amount of cream.
“God, you’re wet! Did you cum?”
“I’m close! Push me over the edge, Jed… Fuck me…”
He unzipped and clamored on top of her. Just before he was about to sink it into her, she said one more thing.
“I’m a virgin. I have no idea if my hymen is still intact. Push it in hard at first to be sure.”
Jed took a handful of magenta-colored, sizzling hot flesh in each fist, parted her wide, took careful aim. “God!” he thought to himself, “imagine a girl this sweet hermetically sealed, having never been taken! She’s a dream come true!” He thrust into her like thrusting with a sword. She winced, replied with a small grunt. There was no blood. He replaced whatever pain she’d felt with long strokes designed to give her maximum pleasure. It worked, Anna was soon moaning in ecstasy. She had scaled one plateau and was ascending another, higher one when she had the presence of mind to ask him a crucial question.
“I forgot to ask before, in all the excitement, did you put on a condom?”
Jed looked sheepish. “I forgot, left them out in my car… I don’t think you can get pregnant the first time you do it…”
“I don’t think that’s true,” Anna returned. “Pull out.”
“Do you want me to go get them?” he sounded put-out.
Anna hated to lose the passion of the moment. His cock had felt so amazing!
“Do you want to try putting it… in my butt, instead?”
“Do you have some lubricant?” She shook her head. “Would your parents have any?” Anna laughed out loud.
“How about some cooking oil from the kitchen?” she offered hopefully.
“It’s worth a try!” he brightened, and she led him by the hand to that room.
Again Jed watched that magnificent ass lead the way. He had to agree that it was even sexier now that it was hot to the touch and fire engine red. She found a can of Crisco in the pantry. It looked like the white paste he’d used in school as a small child. He fingered a large quantity of it up her bottom, and as he did so, the warmth of their bodies turned it from solid to slick liquid.
“Is this your first time trying anal sex?” he asked.
Anna looked at him incredulously, “What do you think? Is it your first time?”
“No, but I haven’t had as much experience with it as with regular sex. I won’t be thrusting into you, that’s for sure. We’ll take it nice and slow…”
Instead of going back to her room, she bent over the dining table. Jed loved the beguiling look on Anna’s face as she watched him aim his cock toward her tight dimple. He loved watching his cock slowly disappear between her fleshy hillocks. They both loved the intimacy, the sinfulness, the intensity of anal intercourse. They climaxed simultaneously. It was joyous for Jed, she was so tight, a little less so for Anna, he was so big in that small space, but still special.
He pulled out of her, cuddled with her there on the table with the sunlight streaming in through the window.
“Two cherries in one visit!” she joked, “You ARE a stud!”
He smiled back at her. “Can I see you again?”
“You want to?”
“Passionately!” he said right away. Then after a moment’s contemplation, he said, “I guess what I should be asking is, what do you think of Rumspringa? Was this a one-time fling or…”
After a moment for her contemplation, she volunteered, “I think I’ll be moving to town… I don’t think I’m Amish anymore… I think I’m kinky… Yes, you can see me again… Can I bring the strap? And some condoms?”

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