#179) Jasmine

Sometimes facts are more fascinating than fiction!
You probably recognize the accompanying pictures as pertaining to the character of Jasmine in Disney’s Aladdin. One photo is famous as the documentation of when Kim Kardashian hosted Saturday Night Live and portrayed Jasmine in a skit. This was where she met cast-member Pete Davidson, where they shared a scripted kiss, where their real-life romance started. These cartoon-like creations are based on the romantic novel, “One Thousand and One Nights.”
But you may not know the factual basis. The made-up character of Jasmine is based on the Arabic name of Badr Al-Badur. This name translates into English as “full moon of all full moons.” Isn’t that poetic? Isn’t it ironic that Kim K., of all people, would portray her? She is best known for having an incredible round bottom, the very definition of callipygous, the fullest of moons who had made lunatics of most men and many women (myself included).
I’ve been having harem girl fantasies lately. I’ve done a little research into this topic, as I always try to do, when thinking about a story. (I’m not sure if I’ll write a story on this topic, so am sharing it here.) It was not uncommon for a pasha to have a harem of over one hundred women to sate his royal appetites. Eunuchs really were employed to guard the women’s safety and sanctity. When a new women joined the ranks of the harem, there was a ritualized initiation. The newbie was held down by all the others, and the most senior member of the harem would pluck a pinch-full of hair out of her pubic area, both vaginal and anal. Then the second-most ranking woman would take out a pinch of pubic hair, and so one. This would serve two purposes. First, it was fashionable for harem girls to be entirely smooth down there. And second, it clearly established the pecking-order of hierarchy in the harem for the new girl’s information. (The term “pecking-order” comes from the same hierarchical status established among chickens in a coop.) I find it enticing to think about all these women organized for the sole purpose of pleasing (sexually and in every way) one wealthy person. I find it exciting to think about whipping one woman from the group in front of all the others for whatever infraction. A Malacca cane (from a palm tree frond) was typically used, as long as it was no thicker than ones’ thumb. The dream of a Jasmine-like nubile beauty writhing beneath the lash is appealing to lots of us in the scene (especially if it’s someone with a lush, full moon like Kim K.!). Fantasize with me about a large harem of women, women of all ages, say from seventeen to fifty. They embody all sorts of shapes, but given this particular Pasha’s tastes, they all tend toward being big-bottomed. They have all types of pigmentation and hair color (except down there, where they are all plucked bare, the better to see how aroused each one is). They live to serve you, to please you. Your wish is their command. The mind boggles…

4 responses to “#179) Jasmine”

  1. You’re right about the mind boggling fantasies one can create from a harem. All the different body types, colors,.and ages can lead to very exciting scenes.
    I would love to line up a chosen set of wives with various physical characteristics with the only absolute requirement being a very spankable bottom. Then I would take one at a time OTK and paddle their bottoms to my heart’s content. To se

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      • I’ve seen still photos of Barbara Eden in “I Dream of Jeanie,” and I think that was where my fascination with those flimsy/gauzey harem pants started. To spank a line-up of women until the rosy blush shone through that fabric, then take their pants down for turns at the whipping post, finally imagine what they do with each other after the Pasha has retired to sleep – it’s all heavenly! Glad you share my interest, paddlefan!


  2. In some of Anne Rice’s Beauty Books, there are vividly-described scenes of spanking and such in the context of a middle-eastern harem from times past.

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