#182) Like Layers of an Onion – mild content

She’s practiced at the art of seduction. She could teach lessons. I wish that I could pull out a pen and paper to take notes on how to be a Goddess. As it is, I just kneel before her as if paralyzed, unable to move.
Her large expressive eyes are locked on mine, I cannot break away from staring. But I have to, because of what she is slowly revealing.
She undoes the top button of her blouse. The movement rustles the air enough to send the scent of her perfume wafting my way. She undoes a second, and I catch my first glimpse of her breasts, just the cleavage. They are large, uplifted by a sheer brassiere. I cannot yet tell if they are hers or from a surgeon. If they are his, he’s an expert, if they’ve always been hers, they are the perfection most women dream about having as a weapon in their arsenal. They slay me, I am her mesmerized captive.
She abandons the blouse buttons for the moment. Black lacquered fingernails reach down to take hold of the hem of her short suede skirt. My eyes follow her lead. She hikes it up, slowly. I see her stocking tops, the contrast with her fair skinned thighs, the translucence of her panties, and a neatly trimmed pubic bush. I think they call this style the metro ticket, it resembles the rectangular patch of trimmed hair the size of a subway pass. I smell her scent, just as pungent as her subtle perfume, but more alluring, more intoxicating. The two scents blend together, now that they’ve been exposed.
Her fingers dance back to the placate of her blouse. She undoes another round button. It’s like layers of an onion being peeled back, releasing her smells, revealing her charms.
She adds her voice to the symphony I’ve been hearing since she started this strip tease.
“Which would you like exposed first, my nipples or my clitoris? Before you answer, know that whichever you choose will need to feel the attention of your tongue, your lips, your nibbling teeth… What I’m asking is, where will you start your feast?”
I guess that I’m a creature of habit, conditioned by the way I’ve been seduced by men all my life. They always went for my modest breasts first, to cup and fondle, pinch and suckle. This was first base. Then they’d feel emboldened to round my curves and go for second base, to finger my pussy. For me, a girl with a big round ass, third base was always having it bared, massaging its mass, parting its cheeks, exploring its cleft. I want the same from this anonymous enchantress.
My eyes dart to her tits. That’s all the signal she needs. Her blouse comes off, followed by her bra. Without its support, her exquisite boobies droop a bit from their own weight. I’m so pleased.
“I wondered if these were real or real expensive,” I smile. “You are blessed with lovely boobies!” I enthuse as I bury my face in their warmth. I take a large rubbery nipple into mouth and suck. The realization washes over me that this is the first nipple I’ve had in my mouth since my mommy’s. I bite down on it gently and flog it with my tongue. Apparently Miss No Name likes this; she throws her head back and moans. My fingers take up the manipulation because I cannot resist tasting her bared throat. I trail my tongue up that way, linger on her collarbone, scale the tower of her neck, nuzzle her ear. The nipples harden in my hands. I guess that doing just what seems natural, what I’d like to feel is the best seduction technique because it is working for her. Both her perfumes permeate the air. I moisten my tongue in my mouth for the reverse trip. As I trail it down between her pendulous breasts, I push her small skirt up to encircle her waist, baring her nasty bits. My tongue skips like a stone across her flat tummy, across her innie navel, and down. I pull her panties down just ahead of my exploring tongue. She opens for me. I lift her legs high into the air, higher than she expected. Her sex is splayed for me, as is the crevice of her buttocks. I lick each hole in turn. Her vagina is very wet; it doesn’t need my tongue, my fingers will suffice. By her energetic response, former lovers haven’t explored her rosebud with a mouth, so I delve in deeper there. I French kiss her delicate asshole. The only scent here is of Ivory soap, a very seductive aroma. I’ve gotten to her core, to the heart of the matter, to her essence.
I’m seducing the seductress. And she’s on her way to climaxing. Because of the ministrations of my tongue and lips and teeth, and fingers and knuckles, and lust.

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