#186) All’s Well That Ends Well – GRAPHIC CONTENT

There is a line from Edward Albee’s play, The Zoo Story. It says, “What I’m about to tell you has something to do with how it’s sometimes necessary to go a long distance out of the way in order to come back a short distance correctly.” That applies here, as I give you some backstory before telling the hot story of what happened this morning.
One thing you ought to know is that my long-time lover suddenly broke up with me about two months ago. What he actually said was that he wanted to open-up our relationship to include a young submissive with whom he’d just become infatuated. I was never bothered by the fact that he was a good deal older than I; I was bothered by the fact that this new girl was a good deal younger than I am. It hurt, and it’s taken me a while to process that pain. While I was doing so, I thought I’d expand my horizons and explore my bisexual side, something that has gone mostly unexplored until now. I also yearned to further explore my orientation; I wanted to switch it up and dominate my next lover, as well as submit to her.
I met Suzanne through Fetlife. She’s about my age, bisexual but experienced with women. She doesn’t think that she’s a great beauty, but I think she’s absolutely adorable. She finds fault with herself because she’s a few pounds over-weight; I find her mouth-watering, like a butterball on top of a steaming hot stack of pancakes. I didn’t say to her that if she’d cut back on indulging her sweet-tooth, she could easily lose her excess weight. Suzie loved Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! More importantly, many male Tops are egotistical, narcissistic assholes, there was none of that with Suzie. We were two kinky girls on the same page. What’s more, she has lovely big boobies, something I’m not blessed with, which I found to be so much fun to play with and suck on. And she ate my pussy like a connoisseur, someone who knew what they were doing. She brought a woman’s touch to cunnilingus; she licked me like I always wanted to be licked.
Something else you ought to know about me is that I’m very anal-erotic. I love having my anus addressed during lovemaking. Whenever I masturbate, I have to touch myself back there in order to orgasm satisfyingly. Because of this fact, I’ve made that area as attractive as possible for times when it’s more than solo sex. I regularly have my backdoor area waxed, whenever I have my pubes manicured at my full-service salon. I also had the area surrounding my butthole bleached. I’m describing this in an antiseptic manner for you, the reader, but just thinking about it has me aroused. I mean dripping wet and panting.
So, last night, when Suzie was doing such a marvelous job of eating my vag, I arched up off the mattress, and whispered that I’d love it if she played at my backdoor. I remembered that when I first mentioned this to my recently-past lover/Top, he dove right in. He ate my asshole just as energetically as he had my pussy. And I fell in love. And I wanted that from Suzie. But she didn’t take my hint. In case she didn’t think she had easy access, besides arching my hips up off the bed, I reached down and parted my buttocks for Suzie. “Please, lick me here, too…” I pleaded.
Again, Suzie ignored my request. So, realizing that I wasn’t going to be able to cum really well, I flipped Suz over and licked her instead. As I did, I made sure I licked her tight little butthole, modeling what I wanted her to do to me. What’s that old saying? “What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.” I made sure that I goosed Suzanne really thoroughly with my tongue. She climaxed, but it wasn’t a very energetic one. We cuddled, with me spooning her from behind. When she wasn’t looking, I licked my index finger and ran it up my butt crack, playing specifically at my anus. My finger smelled only of saliva, just as I thought. (If you’re anal, you ought to be anal about anal hygiene.) So I started some pillow-talk before Suzanne could slip off to sleep.
“I love how you eat my vagina! You make me feel like a rookie at it…”
Suzie laughed, “I’ve just had more practice at it than you, that’s all.”
“I love eating your pussy, pretty lady! And your butt! Do you know you have the most perfect pink butthole?”
“No, I didn’t know that,” she giggled, “but you sure concentrated on it!”
“Doesn’t it feel good to be licked there?”
“Yeah, I guess, but it makes me feel queasy to play there… It’s where a person poops!”
“You wipe, don’t you?” I chided with a big grin. “There are a million nerve endings back there!” And I popped up onto my elbows and knees with my ass perched over her head. “I ate your asshole so avidly because I like that done to me.” I spun around so that now my face was as close to hers as my butt just was. “I promise that I’m as clean as a whistle back there! I didn’t have as naturally attractive an anus as you do, so I had it defoliated and bleached! I…”
Suzanne cut me off by declaring, “All this talk of buttholes! It’s gross! Good night!” And she rolled over away from me and closed her eyes as tightly as her mind was.
We’d only been together for a short while, and already we were having a big fight, one that seemed like a deal-breaker to me.
I didn’t sleep well, tossing and turning all night. At dawn, I got up and took a shower. A soapy finger up my tooter turned me on so fervently that I masturbated with abandon until all the hot water ran out. Then I made us a big breakfast and served hers to Suzie on a tray in bed.
“What did I do to deserve this?” she smiled radiantly.
I didn’t have a ready answer and my silence was telling. Finally I said, “I wanted to have a nice morning. Our argument last night upset me… a lot, enough to keep me up most the night…”
Suzie’s pretty smile faded from her even prettier face. “I’m sorry!” she said with sincerity. “Breakfast can wait…” she added, getting out of bed and crawling over my lap. “Go ahead, spank me until you know I’m sorry for hurting your feelings. Please don’t stop until your sure you don’t hold any grudge…”
If I thought Suzanne’s face was attractive, I thought her bottom was breathtakingly beautiful. I found her full curves very womanly, very erotic. I longed to turn her fair complected buttocks a dusky rose with a good thrashing. Her solution to our impasse sounded good to me. I gave her a long, satisfyingly thorough spanking, then grabbed the nearby hairbrush that Suzie had left on the nightstand the night before, and paddled her even harder. It was the first time in my life that I was the one pitching instead of catching the punishment, and that was very arousing. I was very pleased to see that when I let her up from my lap, Suzie was just as aroused as I was. Our respective pussies were swollen and leaking jism. The hungry look in Suzie’s eyes said that she was ready to get down to some morning sex, but I had other ideas.
“I was just as guilty as you were in arguing last night…” I handed the hairbrush to my partner. “Would you do the honors on my deserving bum, please?”
It was sexy as hell seeing Suz wince as she sat her naked butt on the bed’s edge. It was even sexier having her pull my pajama bottoms down and pull me over her knee. She started right in with hard wallops from that wooden hairbrush, no warm-up with her palm meant that my bottom would surely be bruised as a result. But even hitting me as hard as she could with the hardwood, this paddling was not as intense as most of those I’d endured at a man’s hand. She made it all the more sensual by taking frequent brief breaks to rub my warmed rump, to comment on how prettily I was coloring across my buttocks, to compliment me on how well I was taking it. Suzie ignored the fresh fruit and yogurt and granola on her breakfast tray, but did munch on one of the Reese’s cups I had provided, to give her energy. She upped the ante by rolling me off her knee and joining me on the floor, where Suz simultaneously paddled my butt with her right hand, diddled my aroused pussy with her left, and kissed me passionately. It was the sexiest so-called punishment within my memory.
When she finally stopped whacking my tush and our lips parted to catch our breath, I piped-up while looking deeply into her eyes.
“Do me a favor…” I sniffled.
“What’s that, cutie-pie?” Suz answered, rubbing my flaming fanny.
I rolled over and said over my shoulder, “Part my bottom, lover…”
She did. I felt my little rosebud blossom under her scrutiny, open fully.
“Tell me honestly… what do I smell like…?”
My lesbian lover lowered her head and inhaled. “You smell like the bar of Dove soap in the shower stall. You smell fresh and clean…”
“Thank you! I know that you don’t like anything scatological, but indulge me… spit on a fingertip and push it up my butthole… please…” I gasped and then sighed as my lover did as I asked, “Ooh, that’s nice! …You can pull it out whenever you want, thank you, Suzie. I know I’m asking a lot, but look at your finger. Is there anything underneath the fingernail?”
“No,” she answered guardedly.
“Sniff it. What does it smell like?”
Even more judiciously, Suzie waved her middle finger under her nose. “Like Dove soap.”
“I think of my rosebud as another mouth during sex. I like to have it fingered, I love to be kissed there. Just keep that in mind the next time we frolic.” To emphasize my point, I took her by the hand and kissed the fingertip that had just invaded my backside. “Now I have another confession to make…”
Suz looked at me expectantly, not judgmentally, so I felt safe in continuing.
“That was the hottest, most sensual spanking I’ve ever been the recipient of…” I smiled, and Suzie returned the smile and moved in to kiss me. I was pleased that she was interesting in kissing the lips that had just kissed her butt-invading finger, but continued, “But…” Suzie looked at me. “But, I need something stiff and hard in me to fully get off… Do you have a dildo… or a strap-on?”
Suzie’s smile grew larger as she got up off the floor, fairly skipped over to her nightstand, and extracted a beautifully big strap-on phallus and harness.
“Let me go freshen up while you put that on,” I returned, but instead of going to the bathroom, I rushed to the kitchen. In the pantry I found a bar of Godiva dark chocolate. I broke off a square, broke that section in half, bent over and suppositoried it up my butthole. Then I opened a jar of peanut butter, gouged out a thick finger-full and swiped it up my ass crack. Suzanne came looking for me, that huge strap-on waving around in front of her nude, round form. I pushed my butt cheeks together and bent over the counter. “Take me from behind with that monster!” I enthused. Suz took aim and pushed it into my wet vag to the hilt with one long thrust. Then I pulled my ass cheeks apart, and teased over my shoulder, “I made myself into one big Reese’s cup. There’s chocolate up my butt. Fuck me hard! Make me melt for you, lover…” I was hoping the scent would be mouthwatering for my sweet-toothed lover. If it whetted her appetite, so much the better. Like a good switch, Suzie took orders very nicely. She grasped me by the hips, and jack-hammered me vigorously and deep. Every time I looked over my shoulder, I saw her looking longing at my ass. I was powerless to put off my ecstatic release, and crumpled over the granite counter-top as I came in wave after wave of orgasms.
Suzie seemed powerless, too. Just as I had loved burying my face between her big, soft tits when I first met her, she now buried her face deep up my ass crack, her tongue delving deeper and deeper into my pucker. Gone was any squeamishness as my lover eagerly attacked my chocolate coated, most private recess. I came again with the most intense orgasm of my life, squirting in jets of viscous cum.
When I regained full consciousness, Suzanne was holding me in her arms, we were still doubled over the kitchen counter, and the lower half of her face was covered with a mix of my cream, creamy Jif, and dark chocolate. I kissed her passionately.
“Wanna go for round two…?” she whispered in my ear when our hungry mouths parted.
“God, you’re insatiable! …Yes… fuck me as long and as hard as you like, lover-mine…”
“Ever been fucked in your delicious ass?”
“Never by anything as big as what you’re wearing! I love it there! I’d love to share that with you IF you’ll go easy at first…”
Suzie reached for a bottle of extra virgin olive oil. I smirked at the irony as she coated the thick fireplug of a phallus and then my tight little butthole. She drizzled more of the lubricant onto my ass crack as she slowly inserted the first into the second. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a butt-fucking, you know, like I do, that it’s one of the most intense experiences known. It starts out feeling foreign and wrong, then it just feels like this incredible invasion of everything private and sacred. If done right, and you’re in the right frame of mind, with the flood of endorphins as your rectum is violated, you feel this release, this opening of your soul, this experience like nothing else on earth. I’ve felt that each and every time I’ve taken it up the ass, never more so than when the cock in question was a fake, so unnaturally hard and rigid and thick as my wrist, and the cocksman was in fact a loving woman. Like any pinnacle experience, translating it into words doesn’t really work. I could say that it was incredible, that I knew I probably wouldn’t walk quite right and definitely wouldn’t sit comfortably for a while. It was heavenly.
Speaking of words, my lesbian-lover became very verbose as she fucked me.
“Take it in the ass like a good girl,” she growled in a commanding way that made me quiver.
But being a smart-alack brat, I returned, “How can one be both a good girl and the recipient of an ass-fucking?”
Suzie slapped my right buttock hard as she plowed back into me, and answered, “By taking it submissively, contritely, silently, my little bitch.”
“How about two of the three? I can’t be quiet when getting fucked in the butt so righteously! God, that burns so good! Fuck me, fuck my naughty butt for me, Mistress!”
“Oooh, I like that!“ She slapped my right rear orb again, harder this time. “You may call me your Mistress every time I take you up your butt, my little bitch.” And she added more spanks for motivation.
“Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress. Fuck me, Mistress. Spank me, Mistress. I’m your dirty whore. I need it!”
I don’t remember any more of our dialogue because she dissolved into grunts and I into moans as we climaxed simultaneously.
It took me longer to recover after this romp than the first one, or any in my life, for that matter. When I did, I took inventory. I’d just been rogered up my tooter by the biggest thing imaginable. So I had a major gape going, but the area felt wonderful, hot, radiant. I’d been paddled with no warm-up, so was stiff and sore and would be black and blue soon. But my buttocks felt wonderful, hot, radiant. My still-pulsating pussy felt wonderful, hot, radiant. My face felt flushed, hot, radiant. You get the idea; I was deeply in lust and falling deeply in love.
We were both sweaty and sticky, and I had a butt-load of goo up my backside, but the desperate need to cuddle-communicate took precedence over clean sheets, so Suz stepped-out of the strap-on harness and we clambered into bed and into each other’s arms. I nibbled on the delicious breakfast I’d served, while my lover swallowed the Reese’s cups remaining on the tray.
“So that’s the way it’s going to be from now on?” she tried to articulate through the mouthful of candy.
“What do you mean?” I replied and kissed her irresistible mouth.
“I can expect a big production before every time we make love… I’ll need to anally insert a Reese’s cup, spank you, then eat your pussy, then eat your candy-ass, then fuck you, then anally rape you…”
We were both laughing at this litany of needs before I cut her off by saying, “Hey, I’m not that high maintenance!” I kissed her again, and without laughing continued, “Yes, I need to be spanked for foreplay, but you do, too!” And Suz earnestly nodded her agreement. “Yes, I need some anal stimulation, but that can be just a little fingering or a big butt-plug or anything in between. All the rest is negotiable. Keep me guessing how elaborate or spontaneous it’ll be. Sound workable?”
Suzie grinned, “Sounds wonderful…” and she kissed me, and her hand moved from caressing my butt down into my crack, to tickle my rosebud, and in. And I knew that I’d converted a prudish prig of a person into a wanton whore for a partner. Her finger was doing divine things to me, making my hips arch, so that our pussies touched. She rubbed her pubis into mine. I wanted to kiss her, but her eyes were locked on mine and I was unable to break her gaze off. We just stared wide-eyed at one another, as that finger inched into me and drove me mad with desire.
“I think I licked up all the chocolate,” she said with a shaky voice, “but there still seems to be some peanut butter back here. I’m still hungry, and all the Reese’s are gone. Get your ass in the air.”
I obeyed. I felt her hot breath on my bum crack. I felt her remove her finger and insert her tongue. I closed my eyes, wanting nothing more than for this moment to last for eternity.

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