#187) Presenting Myself – GRAPHIC CONTENT

I presented myself to my lover/Top
thinking that I could not feel sexier
being freshly bathed,
with legs, pussy, and pits shaved,
my make-up done perfectly,
wearing scanty, satin lingerie.
I was a gift-wrapped present
just for him
to undo and savor.
So I was not prepared for his disapproving look,
as he popped my tits out of that push-up bra
and pinched each nipple hard,
then pulled those erotic panties down
and spanked me
and strapped me
and paddled me
and caned me,
only to push into my aroused vag
for just one thrust.
I climaxed with a cry
to which he answered,
“That’s all you get,
now it’s my turn,”
and he entered me rudely
and fucked my rosebud roughly.
So now I stand before him,
jism brimming from my sex,
and his cream leaking from my bum,
and mascara-tinged tears coursing down one set of cheeks,
while the other set trembles,
red and hot and welted.
Now I stand before him, corrected
feeling my sexiest
knowing that I look Good.

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