#188) “Pull Them Down” – mild content

He’d spanked her. It was very thorough. But it was just. She had a good cry. She thought it was over, that she’d paid her debt. She was wrong.
“Thank you for my spanking,” she whimpered. She hoped that he’d take her in his arms, complete the circle by telling her she was good, having been punished for being bad.
“You make it sound past tense,” he replied.
She looked back at him over her shoulder. Knots retied themselves in her tummy, knots that she’d felt before he first slapped her backside.
“Sir?” she asked for clarification with a quavering voice.
“Pull your panties down.”
“Sir?’ she repeated, hoping that she had misheard, hoping that he might change his mind.
“Pull them down. You will never be fully punished by me until you’ve been punished on your bared bottom. Pull them down, and by doing so, show me that you know you need more. You just felt a hand spanking across the seat of your panties. You need to feel my belt across your bared butt. Pull them down. Put the pillow that’s under your head under your hips. Offer it out to me. Show me that you know you need more, need a really memorable thrashing. Bare your butt, and as you do, prepare your mind for a really hard butt whipping. Ask me for the whipping you deserve.”
She obeyed as best she could, not that the thin cotton offered much protection. She pushed the fabric down, off her curves. She elevated her middle with the pillow folded in half under her pudendum. But she couldn’t bring herself to use words. She feared what was to come. It inhibited her. She wasn’t very experienced at subbing, hadn’t been punished hard. Just spanked, just as she had been. He was much more practiced at this. But she wanted to please him, wanted to be his good girl. Wanted him to be satisfied with her punishment, wanted to measure up in his eyes, wanted his soothing caress to replace his sharp cuts with the leather.
Her tummy knots disappeared as the belt whipping progressed. He made her grit her teeth, then made her eyes well-up anew, made her cry-out all her tears, made her voice cry out in anguish. He made her pale flesh bright red, then deep red, then dusky rose, as the skin became ashen. He wore her out. She now knew what it felt like to be used, to be used up, to be spent.
They moved in synchronicity as he administered the last lashes. He put everything into that belt. Her bottom absorbed that impact, like some Newtonian lesson in equal forces meeting. They breathed in unison from the exertion of give and take. When he stopped thrashing, that was all that could be heard, their heavy breathing.
“Now… you may pull your panties back up.”
“…May I leave them down…for a bit…until I cool…please?’
He nodded, sat on the edge of the bed, leaned down to nuzzle his face across the surface of her moon. He hadn’t shaved in a day or two, his stubble was sheer torture to the abused buttocks. She gasped. He kissed each cheek softly. She sighed.
“Now may I thank you, sir?”
“Yes, my good girl.”
She smiled wanly, using all the strength she could summon just to curl up the corners of her mouth. “Thank you, sir, for my punishment. For pushing my limits, for answering my needs. I promise to try to learn from this hard lesson.”
He smiled back at her, entertained that she thought of this as a quid pro quo arrangement. She’d soon realize that he would punish her when she was bad, and punish her when she wasn’t, just because. He planned to wake her up in the middle of the night to hand spank her all over again, planned a hard caning for tomorrow, whether she was a model sub or not. But now he needed to make it all worthwhile. He reached out and worked a finger past her panties, into her pussy. He found it sopping wet, as anticipated. He corkscrewed that finger, making her moan.
“Did you want your pussy to cool, along with your bottom? Or can I heat it up some more?”
She arched herself up and out to him, clearly eager for his touch. He laughed at her renewed ardor. He sat on her legs and pushed his erection into her appreciative sex.
“That’s my good girl,” he cooed.

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