#189) Things That Go Bump In the Night

We’re walking along on our second date, shopping in the mall together. I uncoordinatedly walk into Kyle, bump into him, them apologize for being such a spaz. “I can never seem to be able to walk in a straight line,” I laugh.
“I don’t mind,” he says. “I’d like to bump into you, in all kinds of ways, for a long time to come.” And he gently thrust his hips out to nudge into me on my hip/butt area.
I thought, not for the first time, about making love with this man, bumping our bodies rhythmically, whether our bellies or having him bump against my bum over and over, hard, all night, or…
So I walked into his path to stop him, and kissed him. Hard and deep, to say that I agreed with all that he’d voiced.
We went directly home to my place, where he “bumped” my bared and proffered bottom with a leather paddle until I was deep in my sub-space. And then I parted myself wide for his eager eyes, then lubricating fingers, and finally his erect cock up my tight ass.

2 responses to “#189) Things That Go Bump In the Night”

  1. I love female bottoms. A lot. I was picturing this story from a male (my own) perspective and it was a turn on for me. The idea of being with awoman who was craving for my attention to her bottom. That would be a seriously exciting event Thanx for the post!

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    • Dear Paddlefan, Thank you for writing & following! Just know that, as you ogle and caress that lovely female derriere, she might be craving the attention even more than you. Go up to a stranger on the street and tell her that you find her beautiful & beguiling, then let your eyes drift down to her ample understanding. I’ve felt very flattered when this has happened to me. Who knows, you might find the love/lust of your life…

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