#191) The Belt from Her Perspective, Part I – GRAPHIC CONTENT

Back when I was in college, they offered some elective courses right in my dormitory. I signed up for one called Human Sexuality. The teaching assistant (not a professor) moderated the class that met weekly in our common room, where we’d talk about different topics. It was an easy A+. But there was a really cute guy in the class, we’ll call him Joseph, that immediately appealed to me. In a discussion, he revealed that he was a butt-man. I happen to have a spectacular ass. So one week I stuck around after class, we talked, he asked me out for coffee, we clicked, I took him back to my dorm room and we hooked up.
For vanilla sex, it was nice. He lasted a long time. We started out in missionary, where we stared into one another’s eyes. Then he flipped me over and entered me from behind. He kneaded my juicy ass as he ground into me, occasionally spanking a cheek. I thought he showed potential, so didn’t ask him to leave after we finished up.
“That was nice,” I smiled, as we rolled over next to one another.
He was smart enough to identify faint praise when he heard it, so his smile dimmed a bit when he recognized that I wasn’t going to give him extra credit just for plowing me for an hour non-stop.
“It was hottest when you spanked me,” I added.
“You have a gorgeous ass, Jeanie!”
“Thank you, Joseph,” I smiled and caressed his jaw. “I think you’re hot. Do you want fuck me in a way we’ll both find memorable?” I didn’t wait for an answer. I picked up my hairbrush from the night-table, handed it to him, and laid across his lap on the bed. He caught on and gave my left orb a moderate spank. “Damn! I think we let a mosquito in here, I just felt a little ticklish bite…” He gave my right butt cheek a harder swat. “That’s a bit better… if you give it to me twice as hard about twenty times in a row, we might be getting into memorable territory…”
Joe gave my bottom the paddling I craved. I urged him on to give me set after set with that brush, topping from the bottom unabashedly until we were both sweaty and my butt was on fire. I leaped up off his lap and pushed my red hot fanny into his face. “That’s better, Joe! Now, fuck me like you mean it… Keep that hairbrush in your hand… to make sure I stay motivated. That’s it, fuck me!” Joe pulled my ass cheeks apart. “Go ahead and push a finger up my ass… that’s what you were thinking about, wasn’t it? …Yes, I like that! Do you like that, being up my tight butthole?”
Joe took the hint that anything was on the table when it came to sex with me, so he started spanking me with the hairbrush hard as he thrust. I felt him get all the harder, he felt my vag get all the hotter. We climaxed simultaneously with lots of exchanged bodily fluids and lots of grunting and groaning.
“Now that was more like it… more…memorable!” I smiled and kissed him passionately. “Want a beer?” I asked brightly when our parched mouths parted. I bounced out of bed and brought two back from the mini-fridge. He popped the top, took a deep slug, then placed the cold can against my abused butt. I sighed appreciatively.
“Your gorgeous ass is very red!” he observed, like it hurt him more than it hurt me.
“Just like I like it!” I enthused. “Tomorrow it’ll be black and blue, just like I like it… You did good, Joseph, thank you!”
He just keep rolling that ice cold can across my well-paddled can, looking at it adoringly. It seemed to me that he fetishized my round rump like I fetishized punishment. I thought Joe was trainable.
With that in mind, I phoned Joseph two days later after dinner, when I didn’t see him in the dorm cafeteria. We shared small talk about our course loads and how overworked we both were. When he started to talk about the weather, I cut him off.
“My bottom is very bruised. I’d love it if you’d rub some lotion into it tonight…”
“I’ll be right down,” Joe responded.
He went down the two flights of stairs between our rooms in record time. I met him at the door in just a t-shirt and white sweat socks. I greeted him with a passionate kiss. He noticed that when I put my arms around his neck, it raised the hem of that t-shirt, confirming that I wore nothing underneath. I kept my arms around his neck and our mouths pressed together as he fumbled to close the door and pick up the lotion bottle. His hands gravitated to my tush like they were metal and my backside was magnetized.
“You are bruised back here,” he solicited.
“Be gentle at first, I’m very sore!”
“I’m sorry!”
“I’m not! I’m in lust… That’s nice, I love how you massage my bottom!”
“I love your bottom!”
“Fuck me,” I whispered. When he was inside me and pumping away, I added, “I bet you can push two fingers up my butt with as slick as they are…” He proved me prescient. “It should be obvious,” I added, “that I like anal play. Do you?”
Joe nodded, staring at my ass instead of meeting my eyes as I looked back at him over my shoulder.
“Ever fuck a girl in her ass?”
“Thanks for being honest. The most important thing to remember is to use lots of lube. Not tonight. When we do it, I have some special extra-slippery lube. Tonight I love it just like this, with two fingers up my butt. Gee, what should you do with your right hand?”
I arched my ass out further toward him as he fingered and fucked me. He gave it a moderate spank in synchronization with his thrusts.
“As sore as my butt is, that’s just perfect! Spank me just like that…”
Joe did. The lotion on my skin and the deep muscle soreness really did make this light spanking agony. It didn’t take long, maybe five more minutes of his hard thrusts and his deep fingering and his soft spanks, and I was screaming through another really memorable orgasm. My climax triggered his. As soon as his spurts stopped, I spun around and smothered him with kisses. It was Pavlovian. I was conditioning him to salivate not just for my ass, but for the act of treating it harshly.
“Did I mention that I love what you’re wearing…?” he mumbled groggily.
Two days later, on the weekend, I sent shopping at an arts and craft fair set up on the quad. I found a thick leather belt that had a brass ring for a buckle. It matched the little leather accessorizing belts across the instep of Joe’s Frye boots. I bought the belt, feeling my sex grow aroused as I held it on my way home to the dorm. I was going to just show up at Joe’s door, but then thought better of it and went to my room. I took off my blouse and bra and put on a clean white t-shirt, then kicked off my shoes. If you’re going to conduct an experiment, you have to limit the variable. I phoned my lover.
“Whatcha doin’?”
“Studying,” he answered.
“I just bought you a present. Can you take a break and come down to get it…?”
“I’ll be right down.”
Even though it was still daytime, I’d drawn the drapes and lit some candles. I let Joe in at his knock and locked the door behind him. I presented him with the belt with two hands, like it was some sacred communal article of faith.
“Hey, it’s a belt that matches my boots!”
Joe first held the belt next to the footwear that he wore like they were a part of some regulation uniform. Then he stripped off his old canvas belt and began feeding the new one through his bell-bottom’s loops. I reached out to stop him.
“I’m glad you like it! But wearing that belt is its second function…”
I undid the button and zipper on my pants, pushed them and my underpants down with one gesture. I bent over the dresser, now dressed just like Joe liked me.
“Its first function is to use on me…”
I offered my bared butt out toward him. He doubled the thick leather in his hand, holding it by the brass ring. Before he raised it, I spoke with gravity.
“Listen, love, this is a deal breaker. I don’t want to have to talk you through the strapping I desire. I need it hard. Think about how hard you’d choose to give it to me, and lay it on three times that hard. Cover my butt with licks. When I’m no longer sticking it out, I’ve had enough, but not until then. Please…?”
To his credit, Joe gave me a really good strapping. I didn’t have to say a word of directions. I couldn’t have, each stiff lick with that thick strop took my breath away. When I saw that he was really giving it to me, I wanted to count the strokes, but lost count when the involuntary orgasms started. When he’d covered every square inch of my very round butt with multiple licks, so it was burning brightly, Joe started in on giving me strap-strokes across the backs of my thighs. They really stung! I tucked my wounded tail underneath me like a well-whipped bitch. Joe saw the signal, dropped the belt, and rushed to massage my abused buttocks.
“That was heaven,” I winced. Rubbing my bum reignited every flaming lick he’d given me with the leather. He parted my butt, seeing the jism that covered my thighs and crack. I reached back and felt that Joe was erect. “Fuck me! Fuck me just as hard as you strapped me, lover!” Joe pushed into me from behind. I came again almost immediately. “When I’ve been punished really well… it puts me in a special head space.. When I’m there, like I am now… I really like it up my ass… Want to fuck me in the butt, Joe?”
I didn’t mind talking him through the particulars of this; it was new for him, different from regular sex. He lubed me up really well, put it in very slowly, didn’t thrust too hard too soon. He just kept repeating how perfect my ass was, inside and out. Having done everything in this relationship my way, I wanted to make the climax special for him. When he started to pump my patootie harder, I knew that the end was in sight.
“How do you want to cum, lover? Or, I guess where is what I’m asking… Do you want to fill me up with your cum, or pull out and cover my butt? Or you can pull out and give me a facial. Or… Generally, I find ass-to-mouth distasteful, but I’ll make an exception this time. Want me to suck you off?”
“I think it’s gonna be a big one…” he said with a tremulous voice. “How about all of the above…?”
I reached back to massage his testicles just in time to feel them tighten and hear Joe groan. He gave me several hot spurts up the tush, pulled out and hotdogged my ass with his cock. He groaned some more and I felt the splatters jet across my spine then all over my butt. Joe rubbed the cream into my bum, gave me a hard swat to propel me around and down onto my knees. Jet after jet of hot cream spurted across my face. I closed my eyes and opened wide. I was barely able to swallow fast enough as he finished up down my throat.
I didn’t care that I was sweaty and sticky and probably gross, I need to cuddle with my Top. I pulled him into my bed, squirmed until my hot butt was pressed tight against his groin, luxuriated in the feel of his arms around me, as we fell asleep in unison.

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  1. Loved it!!!! Joseph was well trained and he enjoyed the instruction and the on the job training. I can’t imagine who wouldn’t. I love female bottoms and that’s why I read your posts with so much enthusiasm
    Thanx bunches for this story!!!

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