#193) Easter/Passover

I hope that each and every one of you had a wonderful Easter/Passover! I wish that I had had as wonderful a Sunday as is pictured!

Are any of my readers into cosplay or fuzzies? A favorite author of mine, Tom Robbins, once spoke about going to a party in a costume like the one pictured, and having women practically attack him. He said that he had anonymous sex with three different women that night. So, naturally I was intrigued…

The blond was taking the Easter eggs in a hunt designed for children. The Easter bunny had to take matters into his own hands/paws. She got a bare-bottomed spanking in front of all to see. It was a very good lesson for all involved. What was not so good was the fact that the blond got excited getting spanked. She climaxed vociferously and often, which turned-on the Big Bunny. He mounted her from behind and they fucked like rabbits (fast and furious and right out in the open).

“Mommy, what are they doing?” was heard from many small mouths.

5 responses to “#193) Easter/Passover”

  1. This is a stunningly candid and thrilling window into your way-of-finding-your-way in this. I’m a new reader of this blog and find your storytelling to be compelling as much for the stumbles and foibles as for the glowing, sometimes white-hot, spank eroticism. Your humanity makes me blush. I too ran up the stairway in the dorm, albeit with more shame: not wanting anyone to know what I was about to do with my dancer girlfriend, which was open up my box full of secrets to which my heretofore ossified sexuality lay. I was a late bloomer, a survivor of abuse and a born spankohile, so bound up that I was numb when she touched me—until I gave her the keys to my kingdom with that hesitant first spanking. To which she responded by wiggling her tail. And then the floodgates opened and gushed. As I’m gushing in my praise today. My heart was pounding in memory and recognition as I read. Thank you.

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    • So pleased that you found this blog, TheVioletsInTheMountains! I, too, am now blushing; thank you! (Your name reminds of the real name for the great Nez Perce chief, Chief Joseph. Are you familiar of this iconic leader? He’s the one who said the speech ending, “From where the sun now sets, I will fight no more forever.” His real name translates to “Thunder Rolling Down the Mountainside,” which I find so beautifully evocative! And yours, too!)


  2. That comment was meant for the previous post, but the praise is for your writing as a whole, so it applies. Thank you. Happy Easter

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  3. Chief Joseph was a sacred person to be sure. And a witness to unspeakable hardship and tragedy. My name comes from a line by the author your college boyfriend mentioned in his post. “ The click I get in my head when I’ve had enough of this stuff to make me peaceful…” In the case of the play, booze- in that of this blog, spanking.

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