#194) The Belt From His Perspective – GRAPHIC CONTENT

I’m the first to confess that I’ve got no game when it comes to women. From an early age, I was considered very attractive by the opposite sex. Later, I discovered that I could fuck for a long time. For women who get off on intercourse (and that is not everyone, some have their clitoris too far away from the vaginal opening to get off on fucking), many would rhapsodize afterward that I was a fucking God. That was their phrase, a fucking God. But while all this was going on, I had a secret. Since I was very young, way before puberty, I had fantasies about spanking, punishing, whipping women. I don’t know where those fantasies came from, but they were hard-wired into my being. And I wasn’t whipping their thighs or spanking their tits, I was a confirmed ass-man. I fetishized the female derriere.
Flash forward to college. I signed up for a class called Human Sexuality. It was taught by a cute woman named Wendy, who was about eight or ten years older than me. At first, I thought about trying to seduce her. Like the Matterhorn, just because she was there. But at then end of the first class meeting, as everybody was filing out of my dorm commons room, I saw this co-ed from behind. She had the most amazing bubble butt! The next class, I put the face together with the owner of that incredible butt, and when I spoke up in discussion, I was sure to make eye contact with this Jeanie. At the end of that class session, we hooked up. A little while later, I’m in her dorm room, hip deep in her tight pussy, caressing that gorgeous ass. I complimented her on her butt. She flipped over and we did it in the doggy position. I had to think about mundane stuff while caressing her big butt, parting her, enjoying the view up her asshole. Being the gentleman I am at heart, after she’d had several orgasms, I let myself climax.
But this Jeanie wasn’t blown away by my cocks-manship prowess, she asked if I wanted to make it “memorable.” When I said that of course I did, Jeanie handed me her wooden hairbrush and put herself across my lap with that magnificent ass right in my face. It was clear that she wanted me to paddle her. I did, and it really turned her on. The harder I punished her butt, the more Jeanie got turned on. I would have loved to caress, pinch, massage, bite, finger, lightly spank, and worship her ass. Instead I paddled her good and hard. Not just warming it, turning it hot pink. I beat the hell out of Jeanie, turning her ass this dark, angry red. I looked up the word “magenta.” It means so red that it’s almost purple. Her ass was magenta by the time I was done.
And Jeanie is an alley-cat from it, wanting to fuck and fuck and fuck. And I oblige, it was really hot. But I felt bad when we were lying together afterward, while I was pressing a cold can of beer onto her bruised butt. She said that it’d be more bruised later, and she seemed thrilled by that fact. It was like God was laughing at me. He provided this cute girl with this phenomenal bottom, and she openly craved what I secretly desired. But her cravings were about ten times more intense compared to my desires. It all left me more than a little confused.
Jeanie proved that this wasn’t just some wet dream when she called me the next night. It was clearly a booty call. When I got down to her room, she looked sexy as hell, wearing just a t-shirt and socks. She asked me to massage some cream into her sore butt. It was black and blue (and yellow and purple and green!) and she liked it when I rubbed it hard. She liked it even better when I spanked her again. It was like she was in a fit of ecstasy when she confessed that she liked when it was painful to have to just move her butt, loved having to think about whether it was worth sitting her sore ass down on anything! It got her sexually excited to have to sit on the toilet for days after punishment. She found it masturbation-fodder to have her perfect ass blemished with bruises. It was like I’d marked her ass with my paddling as my territory, so now I was her man. She said all this while I was giving her abused buttocks soft little love pats, smacks that made her wince and jump. Again, she attacked me right afterward, begging me to fuck her, encouraging me to finger her rectum, promising me butt sex soon. Jeanie and her righteous ass pulled the orgasm right out of me. For the second time in as many days, she fell asleep in my arms after our sexual escapade, with the most beatific, angelic look on her face. I just stared at her serenity as I thought about all this, unable to sleep.
I thought about Jeanie practically nonstop, but didn’t phone her or drop by. I imagined that she was enjoying the marks I’d put on her butt. When I was finally able to sleep, I had a nightmare where a naked Jeanie was hogtied at my feet. I was a cowboy heating a branding iron in a nearby fire. Jeanie was exhorting me to brand her ass, to mark her as mine. I awoke in a cold sweat, feeling less rested than ever.
Two days later, Jeanie called me while I was studying, saying she had a present for me. As I took the fights of steps two at a time, I wondered if the present was a lasso and a branding iron…
Jeanie looked better than ever in her dorm doorway. She was one of those girls who you know has a stunning ass because of the cheekiness of her pretty face. She had bright eyes that matched what her perfect smile was stating, a button nose, lovely long straight hair that was now pulled back in a ponytail. I wanted to seize that ponytail, pull her head back, kiss her roughly, grab her ass even more roughly. I imagined that she would have loved this. I just said hi and came into her room meekly. Candles were lit; I fantasized that she would gather them all together in the center of the floor in order to heat up my branding iron gift.
What she actually gave me was a leather belt that exactly matched my boots. But when I went to put it on, Jeanie stopped me, said it was only for wearing as a secondary reason, turned around and “dropped trou.” I was staring at that magnificent ass once more. I realized that I’d missed it. I saw that it wasn’t as bruised as before. Jeanie was saying something that she wanted me to know was important, something about how she wanted a hard strapping with this belt. I got the impression that if I didn’t leave a strong impression on her butt, she’d look elsewhere for a guy who would.
I gave her bottom as hard a lick with the belt as I dared. Her bottom rippled delightfully, then all the muscles in this largest set of human muscles flexed, so that her deep crevice became a thin tight line. Then her bottom relaxed as a bright red swath of red blossomed in her otherwise pale moon. She gasped softly, but arched her butt out further. It was an inaudible but articulate invitation to do it again. We carried on like that for what seemed like an eternity, until her entire backside was radiantly glowing. She tried to mask the fact, but I know that she reached orgasm at least twice. I wondered if she would want me to strap her late into the night. I gave the backs of her thighs, where she was unmarked, some hard licks with the belt. Jeanie danced after each of these, then finally slumped over her dresser, worn out.
“I’m in heaven,” Jeanie whispered. Her hair was mussed, tears streaked her face, her nostrils were snotty, there was a pained expression on her face, and her buttocks were ravaged. But as I massaged her bottom, I could see that she was very sexually aroused and still hungry for more. She never looked more beautiful. “Fuck me,” she added. I entered her from behind and pushed into her until my belly brushed against her beaten backside. She came again. I had to concentrate not to join her. Jeanie’s pussy got so wet when she climaxed, got so hot, and it seemed like it sucked at me, begging me to cum. It occurred to me that perhaps why I was able to last so long in the saddle in the past was that I’d always fantasized about punishing the lovely butt before me, now I was actually realizing that fantasy. I was getting ready to thrust into Jeanie hard and fast, and climax along with her when she stopped me with a better idea.
“Want to fuck me in my butt, Joe?” she coyly posed.
I wanted nothing more. I’d finger her there before. I knew she was clean and tight and anal-erotic. I wouldn’t be fucking her there while she just put up with it. I wouldn’t feel indulged. She liked it, she wanted it. We were somewhat mismatched in our kinky orientation as spankos; I enjoyed spanking her and Jeanie wanted to be punished hard. But here we were of the same mind. She showed me her bottle of Astroglide, this special gel made for anal sex. She talked me through lubricating her backside thoroughly. She instructed me on how to very slowly and gently enter her, take her millimeter by divine millimeter, penetrate her deeply, possess her completely. As I did, Jeanie took her mind off the intensity of the act by telling me her history.
“When I was in high school, we read the Williams’ play, Cat On a Hot Tin Roof. In it, Brick says that he drinks until he hears this click in his head. I thought to myself when I read it, he’s an alcoholic and I’m a masochistic bottom, but our addictions are alike. I need to be punished with regularity until I hear that click, until I’m satiated. In the same way, I need to take it slow during the first moments of butt-fucking, to wrap my head around the fact that I’m gonna get it in my most private space… I just heard that click, Joe. Fuck me! Fuck me up my butt! Oh, fuck me where I love it most, fuck me where it’s dirty, fuck me where it’s tightest…”
She urged me on, she slammed back into me as I thrust, she squeezed me like a decadent whore as I withdrew out of her grip. I was seven inches up her ass, but she was the one doing all the fucking. I grabbed her by the hips and contemplated her beauty. I stared at her sublime curvature, I watch my cock disappear in and out of her ass.
“You are perfect,” was all I could manage to say. “Inside and out, you are perfect…”
Just like her vag did at this juncture, her rectum grew hot, her velvet grip was so intense. Her anus sucked at me, challenging me not to cum.
“How do you wanna cum, where?” I think I heard her ask.
“I dunno. But I know it’s gonna be massive…”
I started to cum in her ass. I pulled out and pressed her butt cheeks around my cock, hotdogging her perfect tush. She pulled the cum out of me in jagged jets that sprayed all down her back and across both orbs. I rubbed the stickiness into her soft rounded flesh, then I slapped her fanny. I want to slap that fanny hard and long and for a long time to come, I thought to myself. The thought pleased me. Jeanie smiled before me, then winced as spurts hit her between the eyes, in her ponytail, into her open mouth. I noticed that she didn’t suck me off, and considering where my cock had just been, I didn’t blame her. Suddenly I felt absolutely exhausted. Jeanie had me by the hand, she pulled me to follow her into bed. I snuggled into her naked exquisite femininity as we spooned. My cock aligned up her ass crack, my nose felt right at home buried in her ponytail, my hands cupped her cupcake titties. I felt safe and at home. I thought of Jeanie’s phrase post-punishment, “I’m in heaven.” I agreed with her as sleep took me away.

6 responses to “#194) The Belt From His Perspective – GRAPHIC CONTENT”

  1. This piece is my first effort to write from the male perspective. I wrote it years ago when I had the counsel of my then-boyfriend. Lots of the ideas come from his life, so we published it on the Fetlife site on his page. Enjoy!

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  2. This is credibly written, Jean Marie. Good work getting inside the male top headspace. I once worked with a guy who raved about how trippy and wonderful it was to have a kinky girlfriend. I didn’t ask him to elaborate on the ways in which this particular girl was kinky, however. That would have been too revealing of my own interest in the kinky side of life!

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  3. I have devoured all three parts of this story. The very idea of having a woman who so deeply craves the very thing I love to give is mind blowing to me.
    Thank you for spending the time, thought, and effort to give your readers this quality of enjoyment!!!
    Thanx again!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s because I LOVE it, too, paddlefan! When the belt comes out, I start creaming and salivating for its use on my backside. We’re just two different sides of the same coin. You are welcome; I thank you, my readers!


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