I tend to close my eyes when being kissed.
I’ve done this since I was a little girl.
And I thought that the tighter I closed them,
the better my chances were that it would be true love.
I tend to open my mouth when being fucked up the ass.
I’ve done this since the first time I was taken this way.
And I thought the wider I opened one end,
the easier it’d be on my other end.
It turns out that
I was wrong on both counts.
I know that the asshole I’m currently in love with
isn’t worth my time or emotion,
but I still closed my eyes tight
as I opened wide.
The asshole took advantage,
took it out of my well-fucked ass
And put it in my mouth.

9 responses to “#196) ATM – GRAPHIC CONTENT”

  1. As I’ve stated here before, Ass To Mouth is a hard limit for me. Therefore, it haunts my dreams. Hence this piece of imagination.
    I’m fascinated by the accompanying photo. They did a study of human faces experiencing ecstatic orgasm and experiencing painful punishment, and were unable to determine which was which. This sub resonates with that.

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  2. This post went well with the pic.
    The words , I thought, were cleverly used and the pic supported the post well especially with the comment you wrote. The whole idea of ATM sounds revolting to me.butt to each his/her own. I definitely relate to that being a hard limit though.
    Thanx for this post. You are absolutely a wonderful writer!

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  3. Nasty and hot! I would never do such a thing without prep, warning, previous discussion and wouldn’t expect most women to even do it, but I can’t deny that it’s very arousing to think about. 😁

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