#198) The Dare Game

“Okay, I did what you dared me to do… There’s my body exposed, naked as the day I was born! Do you like what you see? I knew the answer before you said anything, do you know how I knew? From your big smile, and your big boner. It’s practically bursting through your pants! Want to get it out? It’s nice! I bet you want to fuck me with it! Well you can’t. I’m not ready yet. Want to know the best way to get me excited, make me want to fuck? Can I trust you? It’s a secret. I’m kinda unusual, I think. Okay, I’ll tell you if you promise not to tell anyone… I like to be spanked. Hard. Being punished like a bad little girl gets me hotter than anything else… So, I did your dare, now are you ready to fulfill mine? Are you sure? I want you to punish me. Spank me with your hand, take off your belt and use it on me, use my hairbrush for a paddling. Here’s my dare… I bet that you can’t make me cry out or beg for your mercy within half an hour of punishing my butt. Half an hour is a long time! Think you can break me? Think you can own me like your little bitch? If you punish me hard, I’ll let you fuck me afterwards, whether you make me beg or not. So, it sounds to me like you can’t lose! Just don’t waste my time. There’s my butt. Whip it…”

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