#199) The Desire In Her Eyes Said It All

It had been the perfect second date for both of them. She’d prepared a delicious home-cooked meal for him. They’d talked animatedly about a wide range of topics. He found her gorgeous and sexy and compellingly submissive, if strong-willed. Now she needed to see what he was made of.
Her eyes caught his, held them in her steady stare. They conveyed both the complete sincerity and the passionate desire to what her mouth enunciated.
“In half an hour, when you’ve whipped me very hard, and you think by my tears and my reddened butt that I’ve had enough, I need you to know that I haven’t yet had nearly enough. If you stop whipping me in half an hour or so, I’ll hold you in contempt in my heart, think of you as a wimp, and never let you touch me again. I need a memorable whipping. Something merciless. Severe. Cringe-worthy. The hardest whipping you’re capable of giving. I need for you to destroy my ass with your belt tonight. Don’t pay any attention to my cries, my pleas, my tears, my facial expression. Only pay attention to my ass. Only when you’ve marked me with welts that will burn across my butt for a week, when you covered my entire ass with welts, from where my butt crack starts down all the way to the backs of my thighs, will I start to think that I’ve gotten what I need. Wear my ass out. Thrash me for all I’m worth. Give me a moment’s respite to compose myself, and for you to rest your arm and catch your breath, and then give me another set of stripes to cover my butt all over again. Do that over and over and over again. I’m telling you this now, before things get heated, because it’s important to me. I need it! And it’s important for you, if you think you’d like to continue dating me. Do this well and I’ll reciprocate with anything you’d like. Anything, in any orifice, in any order you’d like… But first you’ve got to beat my butt for me…”
He took off his leather belt and doubled it in his hand while she stripped and clamored gracefully onto the table where they’d just eaten. She thought about just bending over its edge, but she wanted this whipping to be administered in the diapering-position. She wanted to watch him as he thrashed her ass. While lying on her back, she parted her thighs wide, let him see that she was aroused, that the saddle of her sex was swollen and wet in anticipation. She loved the hunger that burned in his gaze. Was it a hunger for sex or an appetite for discipline? Then she put her legs together, extended them out for him to take her by the ankles, to raise her legs high over her head. With the first crack of the belt across her taut flesh, she knew that he wouldn’t disappoint her, that she was in for a hellacious hiding. She languidly closed her eyes and floated heavenward.

4 responses to “#199) The Desire In Her Eyes Said It All”

    • Her eyes are hypnotic, aren’t they?
      Your comment made me think of the Pee Wee Herman response, “Well why don’t you marry her then?”
      Thanks for reading and replying!
      Jean Marie


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