#200) Compliance – GRAPHIC CONTENT

I met him in a bar, knew within ten minutes of talking with Jacques that we were going to spend some time together, get to know one another, play. As soon as I realized what the night held in-store, I stopped drinking alcohol and switched to club soda. I wanted to be lucid and sharp with this guy; he seemed like a handful.
My premonition proved right. On the drive to his place around midnight, he pulled off the road.
“Please get out of the car,” he ordered.
I didn’t voice what my mind was screaming, “What are you going to do?” I said, “Yes, sir.”
Jac came around to my side of his car, bent me over the rear bumper, lifted my skirt, and spanked me hard right then and there. No other cars came by, no police on patrol. I laid over the polished metal and enjoyed the capriciousness of the surprise spanking. It turned me on. This became obvious when he roughly pulled my panties down. They were soaked. Jac just chuckled and continued spanking. If he had proceeded to fuck me there, I would have complied, would have climaxed at the thrill of it all. But he didn’t. When I was well warmed, he lowered my skirt, opened my car door for me, and we drove the rest of the way to his home in pregnant silence. I kept my eyes on my panties that still resided around my thighs. My mind stayed focused on how deliciously warm my bottom was radiating through my itchy wool skirt against his car seat.
You may be surprised that I willingly complied with Jac’s spanking me so soon and in so public a way. I saw it as expeditious. I wanted to see what he was made of. If he had wimped-out and played patty-cake on my ass, I would’ve asked him to drive me back to the bar and kissed him off. My suspicions were confirmed, however. Jacques was the real thing, a true spanko. I was in for a fun, long night! Jac proved with that brief but sound spanking over the fender of his sportscar that he was decisive, knew what he wanted out of life, and was the type to go for it. He and I were identical in those ways, just on different sides of the D/s street. He was yin to my yang.
“Would you like a drink?” he offered as soon as we were inside his front door.
“No, I want to be clear-headed,” I answered, “and I prefer you stay that way, too.”
He shot me a look, I returned his gaze straight in the eye, then slowly lowered my eyelashes to the floor, saying as eloquently as I could that I chose to submit to him, but had a mind of my own.
“Very well,” he returned. “Since you’re so strong-willed, I’ll solicit your input. What implement would like to feel across your lovely ass?”
I smiled at the opportunity, “I’ve always had a strong affinity for leather, sir…”
Jac took off his belt. With his free hand, he wrapped a fist in my hair to guide me into his bedroom. I was pushed over the edge of his bed. From what I’d seen of two rooms of the small apartment, it was clean but inexpensively furnished. I knew from our conversation in the bar that Jac was a French Canadian. I now assumed he was a blue collar worker. My field of vision was filled with the cheap green bedspread as he took my clothing off as I laid still on my tummy. Then the strapping began.
I knew he was strong. I suspected it when I’d caressed his bicep in the bar. He proved it with the spanking. Now he exhibited an expertise with his belt. He lashed me with both forehand and backhand strokes, concentrating the punishment down low on my butt cheeks where I’m fleshiest, most tender. The belt-whipping hurt just right, it got me very aroused long before he finished beating my bottom.
“I want you to display yourself. Reach back with both hands and part yourself for me,” he commanded. I obeyed, luxuriating in the knowledge that all my charms were on obscene view for him as I filled both hands with throbbing butt cheeks and pulled my bum apart wide. I felt a finger trace my slit, finding it drenched with jism. It pushed into me and I gasped. Then it withdrew and traced a leisurely journey across my perineum and touch my anus. It pressed, penetrated me, and I was powerless to keep from gasping louder. The pleasure this intrusion inspired caused me to release my grip on my cheeks, which closed around Jac’s hand.
“Did I say to relax?” he barked and emphasized his words with a sharp slap to my left orb with his left hand.
I didn’t answer verbally, just hurried to regrip my buttocks and pull them open to him. I did make a mental note that Jac was ambidextrous and spanked equally well with either hand.
“It looks to me that you are anal-erotic. You like your tight little butt hole fingered, don’t you?” As he said this, he pulled that finger from out of my pooper, which left me feeling a bit bereft.
“Yes, sir,” I squeaked, surprising both of us with the tightness of my voice.
Apparently, while he was questioning me, he’d retrieved a tube of some kind of lubricant. What felt like that same finger, now cold and covered with slick gel, touched my rosebud again. It gained entrance up my bum with much greater ease, and pushed all the way in up to his knuckle. Then a finger of his other hand was playing at my slit once more. It all proved too much to handle.
“May I cum, sir?” I whimpered, desperation clearly evident in my voice.
“Hold it off for as long as you can. Show me how obedient you can be…”
As the finger of one hand worked its way into my pussy, the finger of his other hand withdrew from my ass, then they reversed. My audible sighs became yelps, then crescendo-ed to outcries and groans. I convinced myself that I’d be able to handle it (and hold off the impending orgasm) when he started to use two fingers in each orifice. The sensation was of being pleasantly filled in my vag, and as it receded, the sensation of being perfectly filled took over up my tooter. Orgasms were inevitable but they piled-up upon one another like a chain-reaction series of car crashes on a fog-covered freeway.
When the last one passed, I felt something tapping against my butt. I looked back over my shoulder to see that it was Jacques’ large erection.
“Where do you want it first?” he asked.
Groggily I articulated, “No. That’s something I don’t compromise about. You can fuck me in my pussy and then in my butt, but never the other way around. There are natural germs up my ass that don’t belong in my pussy… And I never take it in my mouth after it’s been up my butt. Are we straight on this?” Part of me hated to Top from the bottom in this uncompliant manner, but it’s a hard limit for me, and I wanted it out there.
By way of answering, Jac pressed the head of his cock into my pussy. I thought I was ready, but I wasn’t ready. Jac had the thickest cock I’ve ever experienced. It wasn’t abnormally long, but it was incredibly thick in circumference.
“Can you put some lubricant on that thing? It’s fucking huge!” I begged.
Jac withdrew from my opening, smeared a lot of gel on his head and on my slit, and tried again. I took a couple of deep breaths and tried to relax. I found myself opening my mouth wide as he pushed his massive cock into my pussy, as if that’d help. I found myself panting as if I’d just run a marathon, when in fact the marathon was still ahead of me. My clitoris is a little further from the opening of my vagina than normal. I find intercourse extremely pleasurable but not often orgasmic in itself. But Jac’s thick cock stretched my pussy so wide, what I imagine giving birth must feel like, that my clit was engaged in this fuck! I started moaning right away and started climaxing soon thereafter. I came and came and came. And Jac just slammed into me from behind in a steady rhythm, slapping my bottom hard with every fourth thrust. I thought that I’d lose my mind, it was so intense, so complete. This vaginal fuck hurt like an anal one, just a little bit, just the right amount for this submissive pain-whore. He wore me out.
After the seven hundredth orgasm, each one stronger than the last, I looked back over my shoulder and whimpered, “How about putting it in my ass?” just so I could give my poor pussy a rest.
Jac smiled his interest. Then reality hit me. Jac’s kielbasa sausage of a cock was far larger than anything I’d ever had pushed up my butt before.
“I’m gonna need you to squeeze the rest of that entire tube of lube up my butt hole before you try to enter me there… please…!” I reached back and pulled my cheeks apart again for him.
Jac took his time, used one finger, then two, and then three to anoint my tightness with the super slick gel. Because I’m such an anal-whore, this preparation made me squirm and convulse with joy. And then he slowly pushed it in.
I thought that I’d experienced supreme ecstasy in all the many times I’d been spanked hard and fucked even harder in my life. But this butt-fuck brought me face-to-face with the countenance of God. Words failed me while he fucked me up my butt; words fail me now as I try to translate something so divinely transcendent into mere print. He made me his. It was that simple. He stretched my tight little orifice wide and owned it, as he fingered my pussy and made me climax with gut-wrenching orgasms. I cried. I cried out with inarticulate groans. And I came. Compliance was a quality I always revered as a submissive, but up until that fuck, it was just a word. It became a living entity, I was compliance incarnate as he pushed in and out of my tight tushy. I did not know if it was day or night; hell, I did not know my own name. I was just an asshole stretched out to about three inches in diameter, taking a hard fucking from a magnificently thick cock, giving my life meaning. I was remade into a better, truer submissive that night by Jacques’ tool. I became whole when he joined me in orgasm.
When it was over, I cuddled into a fetal ball and tried to nestle into him so desperately, I wished I could crawl inside his thumping chest. My butt hole burned and was gaping as wide as the Holland Tunnel. My vision was shimmering. I felt as if my soul had left my body and was hovering overhead. And Jac proceeded to tell me that he was a day-laborer, would be leaving in the morning for another city, another temporary job. What I hoped would be a steady diet of monumental fucks, maybe even a lifetime together of bliss evaporated into thin air with his few words. A profound emptiness filled where the helium-lightness had just been inside my core. I kissed him, called an Uber, and tried not to let him see my tears when I said, “Good-bye.”

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  1. “I found myself opening my mouth wide as he pushed his massive cock into my pussy, as if that’d help.”

    A favorite moment of mine; when she tilts her head back, her mouth opens and she sucks air in in little “Uh…” gasps on first entry.

    I go as deep as I can and stay there, half a minute…letting her envelope me before slowly withdrawing to the tip – then plunging in again. So wonderful for both.

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