#201) Desert Oasis

I’m driving across the desert southwest, no itinerary, just seeing the sights as they come into view through my dusty windshield. I come upon a sign saying that the next highway exit offers the last gas food and lodging for hundreds of miles. It’s late afternoon, I’m tired from a full day, and need all three of the things advertised, so pull off.
This is why I take back roads more than super highways; the diner and gas station are something out of the 1950’s. I fill up my car’s tank, then fill myself with homemade brisket with sides and homemade strawberry rhubarb pie for desert, then drive across the dirt road to check-in to the small, antiquated motel.
An attractive, statuesque platinum blond runs the place, her name is Stella. I feel an immediate, easy rapport.
“We don’t have a lot of water pressure in the bathrooms,” Stella confides. “I was just about to fill that metal watering trough out back with cool water from the hose and soak away the day’s dirt and worries. Want to join me?” I might normally be reticent to accept such an offer like this from a stranger, but Stella doesn’t seem like a stranger. I nod. “Go to your room and unpack,” she continues, “change into your bathing suit and join me out back. By then the trough should be about filled…”
I did as instructed, seeing Stella in a skimpy pink gingham-checked bikini when I next saw her. She looked good. She had an hourglass figure with full, large breasts, a nipped waist, and a wonderfully round set of hips and buttocks. I watched her climb over the side of the metal trough to get into the water and enjoyed seeing the t-back of that pink bikini become revealed up the ass-crack of this stunning woman. Stella saw me watching her and smiled. Looking me straight in the eye, she stood in the thigh-high water and slowly, deliberately peeled that bathing suit bottom down. Her pubic bush was the same almost white platinum blond as the hair on her head. It was an invitation. I RSVPed by pushing my bathing suit bottoms down until the garment fell to my ankles. I took off my top, revealing tiny titties with hard, aroused nipples. Stella took her top off, revealing areole the size of silver dollars crowning luscious full titties. I left my suit in the dust; Stella’s floated on the water surface. As I climbed into the makeshift tub, Stella greeted me with an enveloping embrace. Our mouths met, our hands reached to caress nipple, then pudendum. We both sunk down into the refreshingly cool water to frolic. I wasn’t sure if this desert oasis was real or a mirage. If it was just a dream, I didn’t want to wake up. As beautiful as her bountiful breasts were, my hands seemed magnetically drawn to her magnificent ass. I couldn’t help but knead the fleshiness of her butt and tickle her inner secret hole as I kissed Stella, nuzzled her neck and kissed her delicate ear.
“I want to refund the price of your room and have you join me in mine tonight,” Stella sighed. “I want to lick you and fuck you with my strap-on all night long… Okay?”
“It’s a deal…” I replied, “but if you really want to turn me on… you’ll spank me hard first…”
Stella pulled back from our embrace to look me in the eye again. Hers eyes were large with surprise. “You’re a spanko… too?”
I smiled, nodded, and no sooner than I did, I found myself turned over the edge of the metal trough, Stella’s hands caressing and swatting my wet tushy. I thought that I was exhausted from my road trip, but suddenly felt rejuvenated and eagerly anticipating a night of naughtiness.

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