#203) “Okay, You’re Paying…”

“Okay, you’re paying me for the hour, as well as for this lovely hotel suite for the whole night, so let’s get busy. What would you like to do? What do I want? I don’t think I’ve ever had a john ask me that question! Well, I enjoy being on top most. It seems to hit my clit best in that position. Straight sex, in whatever position, is one hundred dollars. I also enjoy anal sex. I know a lot of wives don’t give that up regularly. I also like being on top when taking it up the ass, that way I can control the pace a bit better. That’ll cost you two hundred dollars to fuck my tight ass, whatever the position. If you really want to know what turns me on… I like to be spanked for foreplay. Nothing gets me as wet as a moderate spanking and a harsh lecture, I don’t know why. It can’t be too hard, I don’t want to bruise back there. I’ll have other clients and don’t want them getting any ideas. I’ve never told a client that fact about me, thanks for asking! …I don’t really know why I told you that secret, I guess I trust you, you have kind eyes. So… You want it all? You want to spank me, and then fuck my pussy with me riding, and then fuck my butt with me on top…? That sounds like a lot of fun! I’ll tell you what; because you’ve been so considerate, I’ll give it all to you for two hundred and seventy five bucks. How’s that sound? Yes, all the money has to be paid up front. Thank you! Yes, of course you can take my panties down to spank me; it’s not a spanking unless it’s on the bare butt! Oh, god, I can see that this is going to be fun! Yes, just like that. No, it’s not too hard. Yes, sir, I have been very naughty, yes, I do deserve it. Thank you for giving it to me, sir! Spank my deserving ass for me, yes, yes…!”

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