#204) All the Looks and Feels

I like a well composed photograph. I don’t know what is going on in the background of this photo, whether it’s a garage or what. But the female is lovely and works on me on two different levels simultaneously. It looks like she is looking in a mirror at the evidence of her recent discipline. Her garter belt and stocking-tops frame her buttocks beautifully. Her marks are both vivid and uniform, giving her a rosy glow. It looks to me as though the blond approves of what she sees, maybe is satisfied that justice has been pronounced, maybe is excited by the tactile sensation of her well-warmed tush.
As you know, I’ve been in this woman’s position, been there more times than I can count. So the photo of the blond makes me revisit all the inherent looks and feels.
“Look at my bare butt!” I want to scream at this magic moment. My bottom is nice, but never looks as radiantly wonderful as when it’s spanked. Look at the evidence back there! Your hand is the perfect implement for discipline! Thank you for giving me what I needed! If, after dinner, you think I need it again, I’d welcome it. If, before bed, you want to warm me all over again, I promise I’ll reward your efforts by being receptive to whatever you’d like from me before we fall asleep in each other’s arms. This photo makes me wish my butt was freshly-spanked at this moment. This photo makes me rejoice in the sisterhood I share with other red-bottomed submissives the world over. This photo makes me wonder if the blond was sexually excited at the second the shot was taken. This photo makes me reach down between my legs because it sexually excites me, it makes me spread the wetness there all over my aroused pussy, makes me belabor my erect clitoris until satisfaction washes over me. I’ll probably have to jill-off again after dinner tonight, and again as I lie in bed. And again, and again and…

2 responses to “#204) All the Looks and Feels”

  1. I don’t think that I’m going to label my writing after the title with “mild sexual content” or “GRAPHIC CONTENT” any longer. I started doing that because I know some girlfriends don’t like to read graphic stuff, so wanted to warn them. But they can pick and choose from now on. I’m a sexual being, that comes through in my writing, I like it like that! Love you all!

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  2. Look at your bare butt, look at your bare butt, I say: look at your bare butt. That you want to shout it from the ramparts and crave it being properly turned bubblegum pink to flaming- rose to tomato-red from the ministrations of a stiff palm or the back of an antique, celluloid hairbrush that’s tasted many bottoms in its time is lovely to imagine. That your heart beats faster imagining your lovely naked bum upturned, bared for the time-honored ritual that has a fusillade of cracking and “oh!”ing and kicking is delicious. Thank you for writing all of this and more.

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