#205) Schoolgirl Monologue

“I want to thank you for keeping me after school, Mr. Davis. I mean, instead of disciplining me in front of the class, like you did Mary Elizabeth last week. You really strapped her bared butt hard! I was impressed! A lot of the other girls in class thought you were cruel for strapping her that hard, but I told them that I thought you were justified in giving it to her like that. She can be a bitch! She needs her butt beaten on a frequent basis, if you ask me. …Yes, we talk about such things in the dormitory, usually before bed as we’re drifting off to sleep. Do you want to know a secret? I think I heard Mary Elizabeth playing underneath the covers when she thought everybody had gone to sleep. I think she liked the feeling of a tingling sore butt. Do you want to know a better secret, Mr. Davis? When she had cum and gone to sleep, I played underneath my covers, and I know for sure that my masturbatory efforts resulted in a really satisfying climax. I just kept thinking about her big white butt getting redder and redder, and her cries and pleas, and the determined way you just kept swinging this strap. Part of me wished that I was you; I’d love to give Mary Elizabeth a piece of my mind! And part of me at that second wished I was in Mary Elizabeth’s position, skirt flipped-up and knickers pulled-down, getting the Scottish tawse strapping I’ve always fantasized about. And now I am, in that position, I mean, about to get a hiding with this same piece of leather. Fingering it gets me so hot! I love the smell of the leather, I love the heft of it, I love the way it’s cut into ribbons on its business end. I know I’m going to feel those edges of the ribbons on my ‘business end’, on my bared bum… (See what I did there, Sir?) But, what I’m wondering is why, Mr. Davis. Why did you give her a strapping in front of the whole class, and choose to keep me after school, so that you could punish me in private? You want to know what I suspect, Mr. Davis? I think you aren’t attracted to Mary Elizabeth and her big, round butt, but that you are attracted to me… You don’t need to answer that, sir; I can tell by your gaze that it’s true. Do you like me bent over the desk like this? How about now, with my skirt up around my waist? Do you want to start strapping me across the seat of my knickers, sir? Of course you don’t! They need to come down! How about that, sir? Like what you see? My butt is a hell of a lot nicer than hers, don’t you agree? And I can take a strapping a hell of a lot better, too. You gave Mary Elizabeth twenty strokes I believe. Yes, I kept count, I was enjoying it! Are you going to give me twenty, too? Oh, I have to prove how well I can take it, huh? Okay, there’s my bared bum, have at it! One, thank you, sir, may I have another? Two! Thank you, sir! That really stings! But I’ve been a bad girl and deserve it, may I have another? Three! Fuck, that hurts! Now I see why Mary Elizabeth balled like a baby! May I have a moment to absorb the sting, please? Thank you, Mr. Davis! May I rub the sting, please? Thank you, sir! Whew! How many strokes do you plan to give me, sir? Twenty?! Mary Elizabeth has a big fat ass and mine is nice and shapely, she can take more… Ow! Four, thank you, sir! Yes, I know I was badly behaved, I’ve got it coming. May I have another? OW! Five, sir! Thank you! Uh, can I rub further down, sir? It’d help me endure the pain if I could touch myself… Thank you, sir! Six, thank you, sir! May I have another? OW! Seven! (Sniff, blubber) Eight! Thank you! Nine…! Ten.” (Wah, and the second half of the strapping is received with unintelligible whimpers and yelps)
(After a reasonable amount of time) “Thank you, sir. I earned a punishment and you gave it to me in full. Fuck, my butt is on fire! Man, that tawse really burns! At least it’s over! Ah, isn’t it? Okay, thank you, sir, it was much more than I anticipated… Can I ask you something else, Mr. Davis? Well, I was thinking… maybe you need a prefect to organize the girls in school… Have you ever thought about that? What do you think about naming me to be your prefect, like a personal assistant? …I can’t help noticing that strapping my bared butt has aroused you… You look very well hung, sir, if you don’t mind my saying so… I can alleviate that pressure… Let me get it out for you… It looks even bigger from down here on my knees… It looks nice! May I suck it, sir? No, I really haven’t had experience sucking cock, but you know that I’m a quick learner… You’d like to put it where? …Well, there’s no danger of getting me pregnant by doing it there, but will it fit? …Um! That lube feels nice! …But your cock is so much bigger than your finger… Oh! Two fingers is twice as nice up there! God I never dreamed getting lubed-up up the butt could be so…! Oh, God! You just came, Mr. Davis! All over my cheeks! Well, that’s nice of you to say; I’m glad you find my bottom so sexy! Um, what do you think about that prefect position, sir? …I think that I’d love to find myself in this same position, bent over a desk, butt glowing red and hot, your cream all over it… It’s going to be a pleasure being your prefect, sir! I look forward to it!”

5 responses to “#205) Schoolgirl Monologue”

  1. I REALLY LOVE a good schoolgirl scenario; NOTHING gets me as horny! (I’m not saying that this piece of writing is immortal, but I am saying that I couldn’t finish writing it without taking frequent jill-off breaks. I REALLY needed that!)

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    • She does have a wonderful look on her face, doesn’t she? When I first saw this photo, the whole scene popped into my mind, how, after a few good licks with the leather, her smile would turn to surprise at how much much it burned, and after about five more, she wouldn’t dream about smiling for the foreseeable future. I think it’s her smile that brings out the cruel streak in me, the part of me that wants to be hard on her, to bear down on her, to make sure that she learns a good lesson from the tawse…

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  2. Nora, dear heart, I once read an interview with Chelsea Phfiffer (spelling?) where she said that she surprises herself (as a once upon a time submissive) when she starts spanking a fellow female, how hard she likes to bear down, how cruel she becomes. I haven’t spanked a fellow female (YET), but this rang a responsive chord in me; I think I’ll be a bitch of a Top!


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