#207) ‘Looning

It’s a kids party game transformed for adult fun.
You’ve seen it played, two children each sit on a balloon until it pops underneath them.
Maybe they have to relay-race to the balloons and back,
or pop many balloons right in a row.
Then college-aged kids took it, adapted it,
renamed it ‘looning to play at parties.
Anyway, I changed it further to occupy that special window of time,
called a refractory period, the time it takes a man to recover from one orgasm,
so as to be ready to go again.
Our love-making is a ritual,
he spanks me as foreplay, which gets us hot,
and we make love intensely, as only two can who are inspired and deeply in lust.
After the first session, we cuddle and share pillow-talk,
then repeat the ritual like a litany,
maybe using an implement or two, or a different position, or orifice.
Because my man is a champion, is usually good for three solid rounds in the ring with me,
that’s where my adapted game enters in.
By this time, my butt’s on fire, the orifice(s) in question glowing, the entire area is a little numb,
so sitting on balloons is super exciting. Because you can’t feel it completely,
and the round squishiness underneath my round squishy parts is exciting.
The quality of Anticipation is an important one for me
(cue Carly Simon singing this title song),
like booking a reservation for a dinner date at a fine restaurant,
or bathing and pampering yourself before an important, romantic date
(when he’s going to realize that your legs have been shaved, along with other areas…),
or when he says, “Just wait until I get you home…”
The anticipation, while trying to center that dodgy balloon under my aroused and alive
naughty lady parts and bum only serves to get me all the hotter.

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