#208) Stairway to Heaven

He flew into his girlfriend’s local airport at two A.M. The place was nearly vacant. She greeted him at the gate with a big kiss.

            “It’s so good to see you!” she enthused with a whisper, then pressed her lips back against his, while simultaneously caressing the erection that was growing in his trousers.

            “I can’t wait until I get you home!” he returned, passion in his voice.

            “Why wait?” she replied. There was a towering stairway to the baggage claim area. Suddenly she flipped up her skirt and bent over obscenely on the bottom step. “Spank me, lover! One swat per step. I’ve missed your strong hand in my life so much!”

            He accepted the challenge, stood close behind her, raised his right hand high and brought it down unerringly on her firm right orb. She gasped, then stepping up onto the next yellow-striped step and thrust her buttocks out at him again. This time he aimed at her left cheek, marking it with a red handprint to match her twin orb.

            Up they climbed one step at a time, one spank at a time. When they had ascended all fifty steps, her buttocks were bright red, hot to the touch. Her sex was swollen with desire, the girl was panting and in heat. They both saw the sign outside the door to the Family Restroom simultaneously, and pushed inside. No one was in there, either.

            “Fuck me!” she demanded, still bent over to him, pulling her thong out of the way. “Welcome home!” she sighed as he pushed his length into her. “I’ve missed you so…” she gasped as the first of many climaxes overtook her.

            As he hammered into her, as she whimpered and moaned, his one piece of luggage circled on the conveyor belt of the baggage claim area all by itself. It would be there half an hour later when the smiling couple finally arrived to take it away.

One response to “#208) Stairway to Heaven”

  1. I’m feeling randy and creative this Sunday morning. I just banged-out this little tale, as I rubbed-out several nice orgasms. I hope that your weekend is just as juicy sweet!


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