#210) Ballet 1

I, like almost everyone else of my age and gender, took some dance classes growing up. I wasn’t disciplined about it, so gave it up soon thereafter, but had some friends who pursued it avidly. Their feet were gruesome, their flexibility awe-inspiring. I wasn’t in-touch with my bisexual interests back then, so didn’t think twice about how sexy ballerinas are. But I do now. The author of that book I raved about in the past, Toni Bentley who wrote “The Surrender,” was a trained ballet dancer, and speaks about unwinding the tightness that her dance training instilled in her when she was first fucked in her ass. I’d love to have sex with a ballerina, enjoy her flexibility and endurance and grace. What I’m saying is that I’d like to fuck one up her ass with a strap-on.

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