#211) Processing

She’s having trouble processing what just took place.

It all happened so fast! And it seemed to go on forever…

He pulled my panties down, he saw my bared bottom, he spanked my bared bottom! I couldn’t help but kick my legs, and I think he saw my pussy when I did…

I’ve never been spanked in my life! I’m not the type of girl to get into trouble! I guess that I can’t claim those things any longer; I just got spanked! It hurt so much! It was SO humiliating! Why am I turned-on? I’ve never felt so sexual…

Do you think he’d noticed if I touched myself while standing here in the corner? I don’t think I can keep from touching myself… If he catches me, he’s sure to spank me some more, and as much as I fear that, I want it even more…

7 responses to “#211) Processing”

    • Oh, you know that she will, Nora, and you know that he will in response… What we have here is a vicious circle, where her round bottom will be continuously punished with round and sound sets of spankings, and her mind will reel from the all the real feelings she’ll experience for the first time. The contradictions will make her wonder if she’s going or coming, until he breaks down all her barriers and she screams that she needs and wants his spankings, and he gives her a mind-blowing one, where she cums and becomes his and identifies as a spanko…

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  1. Oh you two sweet (mostly 😉) naughty girls! How I would enjoy seeing your already bare red bottom in the corner and enjoying my handiwork while I made you stand there with your hands on your head, tears streaming down your face…panties long since gone (and not to return for the day) as I make you part your legs a bit and stick your bottom out in a lewd display for me that showcases just how excited you are no matter how hard you try to hide it. I can see the effect I have had on you as I stand close enough behind you, reaching down with my left hand to cup your very wet pussy as my right hand comes to rest on your sore tender bottom across both cheeks. I admonish you that STILL MORE punishments are coming your way young lady. The index and middle finger of my left hand taps lightly against your soaking wet sex and my right hand lands a firm *SPANK SPANK* to each ass cheek pushing your wetness onto my left hand as all you can do to answer me is give me a very throaty and broken “Y Y YESSS S SIR”…”I want you to stay just like this young lady until I return, just know that I am watching you…UNDERSTAND!” Again two more firm *SPANK SPANK* on each cheek to make my point and again from you a very contrite “YESSS S SIR”. As if I read your mind about the naughty thoughts you are thinking I warn you firmly “and I best NOT catch you touching yourself young lady”
    As I leave you to contemplate what is coming your way next ✋🏻🍑✋🏻

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  2. I have considered it, but I wouldn’t be able to give it the effort my readers would deserve…So I enjoy living and occasionally writing through yours and naughty Nora’s as well as a few others blogs. I have to say that I LOVE how deliciously naughty you young ladies are and enjoy reading your sensual thoughts on spanking and all of the myriad of things that go with this thing of ours. Bottoms up young lady 🔥🍑💦

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