#214) The Appointment, Part I

“You know why you were called here, don’t you?”

            “Yes, sir.”


            “To be spanked, sir.” As she answers this, the pretty blond forces her fists between her thighs. She can barely contain her anxiety, her anticipation, her excitement.

            “Well then…”

            She flips over the bench to rest her tummy on the cushion, to provide her backside to her Top. She looks back at him over her shoulder, then realizes her omission and pulls her dress up until it’s above her waist.

“I’m ready, sir.”

“Ready for what?”

“My spanking.”

He sits beside her on the bench’s white cushion and casually caresses her buttocks. At one point he gently grasps the t-back to her thong and draws the undergarment down, out from between her cheeks, until it rests below her knees. Then he goes back to fondling her slowly, softly, seductively. “Why do you need spanking today, sweetheart?”

“I need spanking every day, sir. It’s in my nature. I need to know my place. I need to know my boundaries, and be reminded of them frequently.”

“Will you be a good girl for it?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Not like the last time, when you rubbed your pussy against the edge of this cushion, staining the fabric with your arousal, losing the meaning of the lesson I was trying to teach you…”

She hangs her head in shame as he recounts this memory. “I’ll try to be good, sir.”

“I think you take advantage of my kind and forgiving nature…”

“I’m sorry, sir. Punish me for that, too, if you wish.”

“I’ve called someone else here today, Jacqueline. Someone who is not so nice, someone better able to train you properly. Jeanie, will you join us?”

A tall brunette with a magnificent ass strides into the room. The woman is completely nude, but that doesn’t diminish her power in the slightest. She carries a three foot long stiff, braided leather whip. Jacqueline clearly did not expect this turn of events. She shifts on her tummy on the bench apprehensively.

“Jeanie, this is Jacqueline, Jackie, Jeanie. This is the sub I was telling you about, Jeanie. She needs a firm hand. I think you’d match with her well. I look forward to hearing how your first meeting goes over dinner tonight.” He stands, kisses Jeanie on the cheek, looks down at Jackie with a mixture of love and pity. “I’ll leave you to it…”

As he walks away, Jeanie takes a step back, raises the whip high, and brings it down hard across the blond’s upturned buttocks.

“I think you ought to count these out loud…”

“Yes, ma’am. One! Thank you, ma’am.”

Thirty hard lashes are meted out. Jackie takes the punishment as best as she can, but by the end is crying piteously and clearly in distress.

“Are you rubbing your pudendum on the cushion, little girl?”

“No, ma’am, I mean, I’m sorry, ma’am, I…”

Six brisk strokes are administered, leaving the blond howling. Without a moment to absorb the pain, the statuesque brunette commands, “Get on your knees on the floor.”

Jackie obeys, Jeanie sits, parts her thighs, reveals a wet and aroused pussy.

“Look what whipping you has done to me. Lick.”

The blond bends to the task, licks her mistress’ juices with eager abandon. Jeanie observes, “I see that the whipping excited you, too. Do you want me to lick your pussy?”

“If you wish, mistress.”

“I do not. That will never happen. Lick me deeper!”

Jackie buries her head between the thick thighs of the Dominant. Expertly, Jeanie extends her bare foot, rubs her big toe along the wet slit of the submissive. The girl convulses and crumples from a wracking orgasm.

“Did I say you could cum?”

The blond shakes her head while looking at the floor in abject shame.

Jeanie rises from the bench.

“Get your ass back over the cushion,” she instructs. “Six more lashes. Count them aloud, and if I can’t hear you, or you’re crying so much that I can’t understand you, we’ll start over again…”

“Ow! One! Thank you, mistress!”

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