#215) The Appointment, Part II

Jeanie gave Jacqueline six wicked stripes with her whip for climaxing without asking permission to do so. Jackie cried like a baby throughout, not just from the pain, but also due to the comparison with John. The Top was so strict, and he had been so easy to manipulate. But Jackie was careful, regardless of the pain, to count each lash clearly.
No sooner was this thrashing completed than Jeanie ordered Jackie off her perch once more.
“On your knees, now!”
Jeanie sat where Jackie had been.
“Get over my knee, now!”
Jackie hurried to obey. Jeanie rested her right hand on the blond’s well-whipped rump.
“Tell me truthfully, slave, you used your feminine wiles on John, didn’t you?”
“What do you mean?” Jackie had the audacity to ask, and got several hard spanks in response. Each slap made the hard beating of the entire afternoon come to life across Jackie’s rear.
“I mean that you exerted a power over him. When you were desperate for your punishment to end, you’d give John repeated glimpses of your aroused pussy. And soon he was fucking you instead of punishing you. Isn’t that right?”
Jacqueline nodded solemnly.
“But you now know that this tactic won’t work on me. I’m not pussy-whipped because I have one of my own… Now tell me something else,” and the Dom patted the sub on her sore bottom for emphasis. “Have you ever been fucked up your ass?”
“Once, in high school, by my boyfriend…”
“I bet he didn’t take his time, use enough lube up your rosebud, like most stupid, selfish men,” Jeanie answered. “I will never curtail your beatings to fuck you, but I will frequently continue your punishment by fucking your butt. But I also will not hurt you with this act. You will feel humiliated and debased and as intensely fucked as you ever have been, but not pain. Now, let’s go to your bedroom.”
Once there, Jeanie instructed Jackie to lubricate her own rectum with gel. “If I do it, you’ll derive pleasure from it. Use a lot. But be quick about it.”
Jacqueline obeyed, then knelt on her bed as instructed, and felt the cock-head of the phallus attached to the strap-on that Jeanie wore nudge her rosebud.
“Relax. Take it up your ass. Take it like the dirty whore you are. That’s it, let it slide into you, into you where you’re tightest, where it’s nasty…”
Jackie was obedient. The cock filled her void as she had never been filled, so that she felt filled to her brim with cock. It didn’t hurt; but it was so intense. She had to stay focused on the act to remain relaxed. And focusing on getting fucked in her most private place unlocked something in Jackie, as it does with many who are on the receiving end of this dirty deed. Jackie cried, feeling like the whore her Top called her, feeling like she was doing just exactly what her mother had always taught her not to be, a slut, a fuck, the cheapest kind of fuck, a butt-fuck.
“You need this,” Jeanie continued as she started thrusting into her most sensitive spot. “You need to know just how depraved you are… Because you like it, don’t you, slave?”
“Yes, mistress…”
“You’re going to cum from this, aren’t you my little ass-whore?”
“As soon as you give me permission, mistress…” Jackie confessed, desperation in her words, her body language, her facial features, her whole being.
“Do you deserve this butt fucking?”
“Yes, mistress.”
“Do you deserve to have your pretty pussy fucked?”
“No, mistress. I’m your whore.”
“That’s right, slave. Am I hurting you?”
“No, mistress…”
“Wrong, my little bitch!” and Jeanie began spanking Jacqueline’s bottom as she fucked it, making each stripe scream, making her tender, stretched anus bear down on the phallus, making it burn. “Cum for me, now!”
Jacqueline let go of all she was holding in. It was the most explosive orgasm she had ever experienced, ever even dreamed about having. And then she cried, wracking sobs from somewhere primal deep within her. Jeanie held her, kissed her, told her she was perfect, was purified, was her “good little girl.”
A beatific smile came across Jacqueline’s pretty face. She was going to benefit from being this woman’s sub. It would be challenging, moments might be hell, but it’d be good for her.
“Thank you, mistress…” she whispered and fell into a deep, restful sleep.

4 responses to “#215) The Appointment, Part II”

  1. These characters wouldn’t let me go (maybe because one is very close to home). I had more to say through them, more that was as dirty as could be. I’m proud of this two-part story because it reveals a lot about me.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I hope you’re not TOO sorry, I’m not sorry! Sexual squirting makes the world fun, makes it go around in balance on its axis. Thank you for keeping the world aright, Christian! (I squirted a hell of a lot yesterday while writing lots, and I’m not sorry in the least, though my self-spanked bottom is rather sore today!) I feel that you “get me” Christian, my dirty side & all, and that’s very nice!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I also have the feeling that we understand each other very well in spirit. You are like my sister, whom I do not have.
    We know the problems with skin cancer, we stutter a little, we are both perverted. In addition, we still love it when and a human beats up, even if others can see it.
    Only, you write it also still so beautifully. Unfortunately, I can not.
    Have a nice day, my dear sister, Jean-Marie.

    Liked by 1 person

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